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Sound Search – Search for your Songs!!!!

We heard of Google Search, Google Instant Search, Google Image Search, Google Voice Search….. and now Sound Search from Google Android. With this you can search for the songs when you hear it while you are traveling in a bus or at a Multi Brand Store, you can immediately click on the Sound Search widget on the Android Home screen and it will recognize the song for you and provide you with a download link (at times)….

“What’s this song?” Starting today, the Sound Search for Google Play widget is available to download from the Play store, so you can start identifying music playing around you, directly from your Android device’s homescreen.


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Many times we forget to unplug the Battery Charger from the AC Power socket after detaching the Phone from the Charger, Power socket will be in ON position and we think that the current is being wasted as the Power socket is ON and as we have not connected any Mobile to it, current is being wasted.

But this is not exactly what it is happening, Lee me first give you a brief introduction to what LOAD means in an Electronic Circuits.

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Security for Bikes : BIKE GUARD

Many of your near and dear ones might have felt very bad when they had lost their vehicles during the night when they have parked them outside or in any unauthorized parking place….

I too had many experiences, one of my friend has lost his bike while he has just parked his bike adjacent to a busy road lane during the busy hours and within 10 minutes his bike was stolen and police complaint also did not get his bike back till now….

This was because of lack of any security for it, if we have secured softwares for many electronic devices like Mobile Phones then why not for BIKE…. so an organisation has come up with an idea….Let us know what it is about….

About Bike Guard

A bicycle is stolen every seven seconds in the U.S., and while thousands of bicycles are recovered by law enforcement each year, very few are returned. The reason is that there is often no way to identify the bicycle’s owner.

BikeGuard™: The Free Bike Registry is a service hosted byMyAssetTag, an online retailer which makes asset tags to identify your bike in case of theft or accident. We catalog bicycles and their owners via individual numbers stamped on the frame of registered bikes. And we offer asset tags and registration for up to three bikes to bike owners across North America for free.

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BLACK BERRY is a brand that created a sensation years along in mobile phone world. It was a brand, a symbol of royalty, dignity.

Research in Motion (RIM), makers of the venerable BlackBerry devices, will always be remembered as the company who liberated corporate email from the PC. In fact, you could make a compelling case that the first Blackberry’s kicked off the post PC era. They freed mobile workers from being chained to their PCs, letting them email and be productive anywhere. In fact, RIM pioneered working from anywhere at any time.

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Sony Xperia S

Sony has launched its new smart phone Xperia S with features like NFC and Xperia Smart Tags to provide consumers with a unique smartphone experience.Another interesting technology used in Xperia S is float touch navigation system .. The 4.3-inch LCD display outguns older Xperias with a bright and contrasty 1280 x 720 resolution. The display on the handset is undeniably gorgeous. It’s a 4.3in TFT touchscreen, boasting a resolution of 1280×720 with 16 million colours .

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Pico projectors are an easy way to increase the screen real estate of your mobile phone, but what if you’d rather not carry one around in your pocket or bulk up your phone’s slim profile with a slip on solution? Well, a team of intrepid researchers may have come up with an elegant solution to your problem that can work with any smartphone and external display: VIRTUAL PROJECTION.

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Gold has been considered to be a great investment from time immemorial and things have not changed much; most of us prefer investing in gold in form of jewelery, gold coins or any other form. But have you ever thought of investing in a gold phone? No, it is not any fantasy product but the new Nokia Oro. The classy phone lets one flaunt a unique style statement. Panache, exclusiveness, user comfort- the phone has got it all. 

The phone comes in 18 carat coating along with sapphire crystal and fine Scotland leather. The finishing is done carefully using appropriate techniques. The gold platting blends beautifully with the phone.  The Symbian software and latest upgrade of Symbian Anna makes the gold phone a good buy. And WiFi, pentaband radio and HSDPA 3G further add to the delight of users. With 3.5 inch display and 8 megapixel camera, Oro allows its user’s to capture their memories. Claiming to be a great companion for people with a taste of sophistication, this mobile phone is perfect for attesting one’s status and success.

 This exceptional amalgamation of premium materials and delicate craftsmanship has jaws dropping beauty and design. If you are bored of using the clichéd phones, Nokia Oro is your phone. Priced as per its features, you would not feel it overpriced at around Rs. 50900. Also the phone offers a suitable option for the people who tend to drop their phone often. Next time you drop your phone, you do not have to worry about the scratches on the screen as it scratch resistant. Main markets for the phone are Russia and Middle East due to popularity of such phones there and undoubtedly Nokia Oro would also be a hit too.
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Manohar ( MGIT ECE 2nd year)

How Earphones Work

Many of us use earphones daily either while listening to music from our IPOD or Mobile Phone and some times we come across earphones while attending exams like TOEFL….So how is that a electronic device which works on electric current able to produce the melody of a song….

Here is the answer to the above Questions….

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Mobile internet use nearing 50%

Almost half of UK internet users are going online via mobile phone data connections, according to the Office for National Statistics.

Some 45% of people surveyed said they made use of the net while out and about, compared with 31% in 2010.

The most rapid growth was among younger people, where 71% of internet-connected 16 to 24-year-olds used mobiles.

Domestic internet use also rose. According to the ONS, 77% of households now have access to a net connection.

That figure was up 4% from the previous year, representing the slowest rate of growth since the ONS survey began in 2006.

Among the 23% of the population who remain offline, half said they “didn’t need the internet”.


Household internet access

Year Households (millions) Percentage
2006 14.3 57
2007 15.2 61
2008 16.5 65
2009 18.3 70
2010 19.2 73
2011 19 77

Northern Ireland excluded from 2011 survey.

Source: Office for National Statistics


The ONS report is the first since dot-com entrepreneur Martha Lane-Fox was appointed as the government’s UK Digital Champion, with a brief to increase internet uptake.

In a statement, Ms Lane-Fox said: “That so many offline households don’t see any reason to get online reinforces the importance of the digital champions network that the Raceonline2012 partners are creating.”

Mobile revolution

The figure for domestic connections contrasted sharply with the rapid growth in uptake of mobile services.

However, the popularity of 3G broadband did not necessarily mean that more people were going online overall.

Many of those using mobile phones are likely to already have home broadband connections.

Older users, who the government is particularly keen to get connected, appeared to have been relatively untouched by the phenomenon.

While 71% of 16 to 24-year-old who went online said they used mobile broadband, just 8% of internet users aged over 65 made use of the newer technology.


The ONS survey also found a dramatic rise in the use of wifi hotspots – a seven-fold increase since 2011 – suggesting that the rise of 3G has done little to slow demand for free and paid-for wireless access.

All findings were based on a monthly survey of 1,800 randomly selected adults from across the UK.




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Mahesh (MGIT ECE 4th year)

Crime has been on the rise and it’s important to keep a track on your children, lest anything happens to them. SatGuide has launched Child Phone with Tracker in India to help you to keep a watch on your children when they are away.

Child Phone is a GPS receiver, which when activated helps parents keep a check on their children. In any sort of an emergency, a kid can contact his/her parents by pressing the SOS button in the middle. This sends out SMS messages to preconfigured numbers so that you take appropriate action. . This gadget works two ways it can track using the powerful GPS and when GPS signal is unavailable it can switch to GSM Cell Tower triangulation technologies.


Child Phone protection

A normal mobile phone for your child may be another option but it has its own disadvantages. The child may play around with the phone which may drain off the battery or can even accidentally switch it off, not to mention calling unwanted numbers. As far as GPS is concerned parents would in no way get a costly phone with all those features for their child.


Parents can build a “Geo Fence” which is a virtual fence like your residential area or the school and parents get a notification if their child has left that area. They can also call their kids discretely during an emergency and listen to what’s going around in their kid’s environment. Child Phone is small and has no display so it’s comfortable for kids to carry it and they don’t get distracted by it. Following are some other ways of using Child Phone:

  • Can be used almost instantaneously. GPS integrated, fast Time To First Fix (TTFF) to GPS satellites,
  • Parent can locate the kid at all times discretely on a map through a web login without disturbing the child.
  • You can also schedule, your child phone tracking at continuous & periodic times of your choice and get SMS & email alerts.
  • Fake power off feature, when configured, the device works even when the device is switched off.
  • Lost mobile feature, if the SIM is changed in this mobile, you would get an alert giving the details of the changed mobile number.

Child Phone Key Features

* Easy to use with a compact design

* Supports GSM Tri-Band frequency

* GPS through SatTracx service

* Geo Fence security

* Works indoors and even when GPS is unavailable

* Locate using Web or by calling the phone.


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Hari Hara Sravan( MGIT ECE 2nd year)