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30 Storey hotel built in 360 hours !

Which country can build a 30 storey building in 360 hours? Yes China. A country which is on a race with itself has set one more record – of sorts. A 30 storey, 183000 square foot hotel was built in 360 hours.

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We have heard of submarines that can travel in under water, we have seen many of such Submarines in the BOND Movies also….But the submarines were mainly used at that time to attack an enemy Nation by being in disguise.

Later on advances in technology has made inevitable changes in the concept of use of submarines. Now they are used to detect the minerals that exist deep under the sea which are almost more that 5000 feet below.

A Human being going so deep into the seas and oceans is way too risky so SUBMERSILE’s were designed to fulfill this task. Many of the countries including INDIA have put in their R&D into designing Submersile’s. CHINA being the top country which has got a lot of progress in this regard, they have started the research in 2002 and they could successfully complete the Model. They named it JIALONG.



China’s manned deep-diving submersible Jiaolong  left a port in Jiangyin, Jiangsu province on board its mother ship Xiangyanghong 9 yesterday for a 5,000 meter dive in the Pacific Ocean.

Only four other nations – the United States, France, Russia and Japan – have the technology for a manned submersible dive at greater than 3,500 meters below sea level.

A submersible is a smaller version of a submarine, and requires a mother ship while it is on the surface. It can also dive much deeper than a submarine.

Named after a mythical sea dragon, Jiaolong completed 17 dives in the South China Sea between May 31 and July 13 last year, reaching a maximum depth of 3,759 meters with three crew members on board.

This time, it will attempt a 5 kilometer-deep dive in the Pacific Ocean in the next 47 days, and it is expected to make four dives, said Jin Jiancai, secretary-general of China Ocean Mineral Resources R&D Association (COMRA).

The 8.2 meter, 22 ton submersible was designed to go to a depth of 7,000 meters, which could give China access to 99.8 percent of the ocean floor. Jiaolong is considered to be the world’s only deep-sea vessel that can theoretically reach those depths.

Jin noted that safety was the first priority in this mission.

“First of all, we should bear in mind that this is a scientific experiment. Although we have studied the environment as much as possible, there are still some unpredictable conditions.”

“Even if we could not reach the expected depth for some reason, we will achieve the goal of this experiment as long as all our crew members return safely to land,” said Jin.

Manufactured as part of the national high technology R&D plan in 2002, also known as the 863 Plan, more than half of Jiaolong’s parts and components were made in China.

Jin said part of the mission is to fulfill the contract between the International Seabed Authority (ISA) and COMRA, which includes taking photographs and video footage of the sea floor, and measuring submarine topography and geomorphy, in the 75,000 square kilometer area designated by the ISA.

“With permits from the ISA, China will be able to explore minerals and other resources for commercial purposes in this area once the technology matures,” added Jin.

The three crew members on Jiaolong are Tang Jialing, Fu Wentao and Ye Cong. Ye, Jiaolong’s pilot, has been responsible for 28 of the 37 dives that it has made so far, and he also helped with the design of the craft.

source:China Daily

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“God made the world and the rest of all are made in china” – Anonymous

Since 1980, China has become the world’s largest manufacturing resource and potential market. According to an official report, there are nearly 42 million Chinese suppliers exporting their goods to the rest of the world.

Now coming to the point…

Due to their cheap rates china mobiles (especially) are having a wide range of market all across the world. We get duplicates of all the famous gadgets of the world from china. Now here this article may help you in finding the differences between original gadget and its shanzhai (duplicate).

Let’s start with the new crazy iPhone4…

From the above figure we really can’t find iPhone from its shanzai. But with few observations we can find out the dupe… but left one is Chinese iPhone and right one is The iPhone…

By the external looks we can find real and shanzai iPhone. On the back of Chinese iPhone there will be no scribbling. It will be literally plain but original iPhone consists of some information about it as shown.

Here we can simply identify the real and dupe. But if they have overcome this limitation also, then…

Most of the shanzhai’s can be easily found by simply switching on. Start-up tone itself reveals its true identity in most of the cases. And if it you still can’t judge, then we can find out by checking its functioning. There cannot be any competition from any dupe to the Media core processor supplied by MediaTek that never went past 460MHz; but the GPhone version T6 is a breath of shock. It is well crafted and replicates the much desired iPhone 4 in looks, plus it has performance of a powerful Qualcomm processor which really competes with iPhone.

Above is the new GPhone version T6

If the above conditions fail then next chance is that the iPhone 4, the GT6 doesn’t support 4G but it supports both 3G and Wi-Fi connectivity.

And there are some other like…

The complete specs list is not out yet, but there’s definitely a multi touch capacitive display, mini SIM card slot, 3.5mm headphone port, and microphone port. 

Like its original counterpart, it has dual camera—5MP rear camera with LED flash and a video camera on the front

These are some of the precautions those can be made to identify an iPhone and its shanzhai…

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