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board a non-stop train !!!

Do you always struggle to reach the platform in time when catching a train? Then how about a platform which comes to your house before catching up with a non-stop high-speed locomotive?

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The iStethescope app for the iphone created by Peter Bentley,enables a user to hold the iPhone against their chest to monitor cardiac activity using the inbuilt microphone.Shaking the iPhone after that brings  up a graphic of the last eight seconds recorded,which  represents  their heart beat in the form of a waveform and can also be emailed to a doctor.

A researcher at Universtity College London,Peter says, “smartphones are capable of saving lives,saving money and improving health care in a dramatic fashion”.He also claims that in future thay could turn into “fully fledged integrated designs capable of taking ultra sound scanners or monitor  a patients blood pressure”.

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The Flying hotel

March 30, 2009 The double deck Airbus A380 has set new high standards for luxury accommodation in the air but, unless you can afford to deck out your own A380 as a private jet , the Hotelicopter concept aims to top this airborne opulence by equipping a four story converted heavy lift aircraft with 18 luxuriously-appointed room hotels.

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Aakash Tablet Version 2.0

By February 2012, an improved and more competent Aakash-2, world’s most affordable tablet PC, is expected to be launched at the same price as its previous version. Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Rajasthan has confirmed the improvements made in Aakash-1, which was launched on October 5. HRD minister Kapil Sibal said that new version of Aakash will be launched during January-February, 2012.

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Electronic contact lens

Saw the movie terminator !! Want those eyes of Arnold ..!! So put ur head up and put on these ” Electronic contact lens” . You can have either superhuman vision by feeding a zoomed-in image to the device, or even heads-up displays . You’ll have the internet constantly displayed .

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Wi-fi calling

anything a cell network can do , internet can do it better and cheaper.

So we think a truly smart smartphone should make a habit of using Wi-Fi for everything. Surfing. Texting. Sharing. And, yes, even talking.

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i’m watch

 I’m Watch is a smartphone-compatible wristwatch, designed to work with Android-based cell phones – although it’s reportedly also compatible with iOS devices. It is being developed by an Italian producer, and is currently available for pre-order. Initially the price tag was very high, but it is now being offered in a cheaper, colored version called I’m Color. The watch is scheduled to be released this October.

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There’s an increasing trend to start producing gadgets that are getting thinner and thinner with each generation. Droid RAZR unveiled by motorola, which is based on the legacy of the RAZR feature phone, will most probably end up being one of the thinnest smartphones to date. But how much smaller/thinner could we make our devices? Well if the scientists at Northwestern University manage to commercialize their new material, perhaps it won’t be too long.

Scientists at Northwestern University decided to look at the problem of teeny-tiny circuits in ever-shrinking electronic devices in a new way, by coming up with a material that can be a resistor, a rectifier, a diode or a transistor depending on signals from a computer.

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Vulture !!!

DARPA  struck again . This time with an unmanned “VULTURE” to help in communications and analysis..!!

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The God presented 5 senses are the miracles we living creatures posses. Smell, hear, taste, touch and sight are those 5 miracles. Now it’s the time for the man made robots to posses those miracles.

Robots are able to move and find information needed in any place on earth where human being cannot go. If robots got these senses, then obviously the work stress of us can be minimized and better results can be found where even our senses will not be sensitive enough to find the defected things.

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