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ARM Processor

ARM Stands for Advanced RISC Machine….these are used as processors in almost all the Mobile Phones.

The main advantage of this processor over other processor is that it has a reduced instruction code, hence huge memory space is not required to store the programs….

Also that since these are designed using Hard wired control Logic i.e, these are designed using digital Circuits like logic Gates, Flip Flops, Decoders, Multiplexers etc.., hence the speed of Processing is very fast….

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The Bionic Eye

There are around Millions of people who are blind….some because of Accidents, some due to their Genes….and some coz they become old….

But their eye sight can be brought back using this Bionic Eye….I wont say that they could completely give the exact view of wat they see, but ya they could atleast see the shape, structure and Size of the Object….

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Optical Camouflage: Altered Reality

Active camouflage provides concealment in two important ways: firstly, it makes the camouflaged object appear not merely similar to its surroundings, but effectively invisible through the use of mimicry; secondly, active camouflage changes the appearance of the object as changes occur in the background. Ideally, active camouflage mimics nearby objects as well as objects as distant as the horizon.

Optical camouflage delivers a similar experience to Harry Potter’s invisibility cloak, but using it requires a slightly complicated arrangement. First, the person who wants to be invisible (let’s call him Harry) dons a garment that resembles a hooded raincoat. The garment is made of a special material that we’ll examine more closely in a moment.

As you can see in this image, the experience closely resembles walking directly in front of a movie projection screen, only with a real background.

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Super Bug Bacteria in india????

The Indian government has reacted strongly to a study published in the Lancet Journal for Infectious Diseases that tracks the NDM1-superbug to water samples in Delhi.Delhi Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit on Wednesday chaired a high level meeting and reiterated there is no cause for concern and yet has now been forced to set up a six month study of their own.The study has been making the Indian health establishment see red.

“We are not denying that there is a problem, but just picking on one bug shows that the motives are unscientific,” said the director general of Indian Council of Medical Research Dr VM Katoch.

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Smart Pants

New “electronic textiles” could help monitor the activities of patients with chronic illnesses. Computer engineers have developed pants with sensors embedded in the fabric that measure speed, rotation and flexing, and send wireless signals to a computer. Researchers plan to integrate computers into shirts, hats and gloves.

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These laptops are Especially designed for Business minded people….

It’s still not saying anything about the lightweight EliteBook 2560p and 2760p models that leaked out last month, but HP has now gotten official with three new slightly less portable laptops: the 14-inch EliteBook 8460w, 15.6-inch 8560w and 17.3-inch 8760w. The latter is expectedly on the top end when it comes to specs, with it boasting your choice of Sandy Bridge processors up to a Core i7-2920XM, either AMD FirePro or NVIDIA Quadro graphics with up to 4GB of memory, and up to three hard drives with RAID 5 support. The other two EliteBooks each dial things down a bit across the board, but you can still get up to a Core i7-2820QM on each of them, and there’s not even an option for integrated graphics. Look for all three to be available next month with base prices starting at $1,299, $1,349 and $1,899 .

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Northwestern University researchers have developed a new switching device that takes quantum communication to a new level. The device is a practical step toward creating a network that takes advantage of the mysterious and powerful world of quantum mechanics.

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Imagine you double clicked your “FIRE FOX” and started searching for a website you need for which you know only the first name of the person who designed that website and nothing else… Literally to say you feel like running in a forest where you don’t know where the exit lies…

At this point of time to save you from the infinite INTERNET jungle there is a mougli who is ready to save you… and that is none another than “THE GOOGLE”…

Nano technology advances day by day… friends… it’s really amazing when we go through this article. It says that we can generate electricity at cheaper rate without using coal. In that case the non renewable resource coal can be preserved to some extent. Isn’t this amazing? Let us see how it works using the revolutionary Nano technology.

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Phones have gone wireless about a decade back… now it’s the time for practical approach of wireless transmission of electricity literally…

Wireless energy transfer is the transmission of electrical energy from a power source to load without connecting wires between them. The most common form of wireless power transmission is carried out using direct induction followed by resonant magnetic induction. Other methods under consideration include electromagnetic radiation in the form of microwaves or lasers.

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