Nokia has finally unveiled its windows based smart phones LUMIA 800 and LUMIA 710  which could be the start to a recovery for the cpmpany’s beleaguered smartphone product line.Nokia Lumia 800 is the result of a shotgun marriage between Nokia’s N9 (which was already being developed) and Micrsoft’s windows phone  7.5 Mango software. The fact that the Lumia 800 looks like the N9 might not mean much to many people. The N9, the,last handset before the Lumia, was a beauty that ran the new MeeGo operating system.Let’s have a look at its features…

Nokia Lumia 800

Lumia 800 is an astonishingly well designed handset. Built from a single piece of polycarbonate, it feels solid and well thought out. The large 3.7 inch, slightly convex screen dominates the handset. The display is crisp, easy to read and shows off Microsoft’s Windows Phone software brilliantly. In fact, the only criticism is a slightly irritating flap over the charging port..Along with the curved design, the screen is the highlight of the device. It is stunning and by far the best we’ve seen on a Windows Phone 7 smartphone to date, and is good enough to impress even your iPhone 4S owning friends. It is only really challenged by the display on the Samsung Galaxy Nexus.

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