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Why is it difficult to photograph a TV picture?

Use of cameras has become very common these days. But if anyone has tried taking the photo of a TV picture, we don’t get a good copy of an image in it. Most of us don’t know why this is happening and we ignore it after a few days,thinking that there might be some shake in the camera due to which the error occurred.

Now, how many of us know the reason why this error occurred??

Ther are ‘n’ number of such questions for which the resons are so simple and we really don’t know. The answer for the above mentioned question  is something we already studied, but utterly failed to apply.

So this forum has many such interesting things in it, which really helps us to apply what we are studying everyday. The latest advancements in the technology will be updated every day in this site and links to the videos will also be provided….

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