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Sound Search – Search for your Songs!!!!

We heard of Google Search, Google Instant Search, Google Image Search, Google Voice Search….. and now Sound Search from Google Android. With this you can search for the songs when you hear it while you are traveling in a bus or at a Multi Brand Store, you can immediately click on the Sound Search widget on the Android Home screen and it will recognize the song for you and provide you with a download link (at times)….

“What’s this song?” Starting today, the Sound Search for Google Play widget is available to download from the Play store, so you can start identifying music playing around you, directly from your Android device’s homescreen.


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Google Input Tools

Google has yet again come up with a new concept for making our communication much easier though the world is of many diversified cultures, people follow different languages…. So to avoid any communication gap Google provides you with Google Input Tools….

Want to join the Google+ conversation with your Hindi-speaking friends?

Need to reply to an e-mail in Chinese?

Required to enter your name in Cyrillic letters on your visa application?

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Google Sphere

Few days ago we wrote about Google Gravity. You can arrange Google search as like as your desktop in Google Gravity.

Now, it’s time to Google Sphere. What is Google Sphere?


When you visit on Google sphere then you can feel as Google’s galaxy. The fun is when you search for images (Google Sphere is create for image search only). Google sphere concept is very good but it’s like as Tag Cloud style.

Creator of Google Sphere Mr.Doob comments: “If you have ever done anything with 3D you probably know that scaling is the only thing you need to give the illusion of 3D on a 2D surface. Porting my custom 3D engine from Actionscript 3 to Javascript was pretty easy and the only thing left to figure out was the z-sorting of div elements.

For the magic touch it just needed some smooth animations which is where Skill comes in.”


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Mahesh (MGIT ECE 4th year)

Watch This Video….



Imagine you double clicked your “FIRE FOX” and started searching for a website you need for which you know only the first name of the person who designed that website and nothing else… Literally to say you feel like running in a forest where you don’t know where the exit lies…

At this point of time to save you from the infinite INTERNET jungle there is a mougli who is ready to save you… and that is none another than “THE GOOGLE”…