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Intel Hyper Threading(HT) Technology

If you’ve thought about buying an Intel processor lately – or a computer with an Intel processor installed – you may have heard the term “Hyper-Threading” launched at your eardrums. You probably aren’t familiar with this term unless you stay up-to-date with the nitty-gritty of computer hardware.

Understanding Hyper-Threading is important, however, because it’s a major feature on some Intel processors. Like most major processor features, it can be twisted and turned by the sales reps you meet.Virtually Hyper-Threading effectively doubles the number of cores on a processor. Although true in a sense, it’s mostly an exaggeration.

Let’s take a look at what Hyper-Threading really means.

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Suited for commuting and in field scenarios, the tablet offers virtually anywhere connectivity .The tablet serves lifestyle computing uses just as well as business tasks with its package of communications and entertainment features

Microsoft Surface isn’t the only Windows tablet you’re likely to see in October, not by a long shot. One of the first announced tablets is the Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet 2, a reconceptualization of the original Android-based Think Pad Tablet.Unlike the two versions of Surface running Windows RT on a Tegra processor and Windows 8 on a full-fledged ultrabook-grade Intel Core i5 CPU, the ThinkPad Tablet 2 runs a full Windows 8 Professional OS, but does so on a next-gen Intel Atom processor.

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When choosing a computer CPU it usually comes down to two choices: AMD or Intel. The CPU wars between these two corporations have been going on for years, even resulting in antitrust charges filed against Intel several times. However no matter what company you prefer, you have to agree that competition is great for the consumers since it drives the prices down and promotes innovation.

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WIDI ( Wireless Display)

Your Content – On More Screens

Enjoy all of your personal and online content on a big screen with a simple wireless connection. With a laptop featuring Intel® Wireless Display and powered by a visibly smart 2nd generation Intel® Core™ processor, you can sit back and experience your favorite movies, videos, photos, online shows and more in full HD on your TV with great image clarity and sound.

Best Seat in the House

Stop crowding around a laptop screen! Intel Wireless Display lets you view and share content from your hard disk, home network or anywhere a browser can take you on the biggest screen in your home.

Folks at EZair recognized the changing entertainment viewing landscape and are continuously developing products to fill in the gaps and be ahead of innovation! The Internet and computers have become a tremendous entertainment resources and EZAir have strived to create easy to use, plug-and-play solutions so that users can enjoy crystal clear HD audio and video content from their laptop or PC to TV, projector or audio surround system – without having to deal with multiple complex wiring, cable length limitations and data transmission failure. Quickly and easily!

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