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NASA has come up with a concept to make public aware of the fact that the International Space Station (ISS) can be easily spotted by public in the sky and have an outstanding experience. They say that the space station is clearly visible and appears to be bright enough to be seen.

Are you excited to know when and how is it possible to Spot the Space Station in your Area ? It is very simple all you need to do is logon to NASA site and get registered. You should fill in details of your location and Email ID…. thats it soo Simple, NASA will send you a mail when the Space Station appears to be seen in your location.

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Security for Bikes : BIKE GUARD

Many of your near and dear ones might have felt very bad when they had lost their vehicles during the night when they have parked them outside or in any unauthorized parking place….

I too had many experiences, one of my friend has lost his bike while he has just parked his bike adjacent to a busy road lane during the busy hours and within 10 minutes his bike was stolen and police complaint also did not get his bike back till now….

This was because of lack of any security for it, if we have secured softwares for many electronic devices like Mobile Phones then why not for BIKE…. so an organisation has come up with an idea….Let us know what it is about….

About Bike Guard

A bicycle is stolen every seven seconds in the U.S., and while thousands of bicycles are recovered by law enforcement each year, very few are returned. The reason is that there is often no way to identify the bicycle’s owner.

BikeGuard™: The Free Bike Registry is a service hosted byMyAssetTag, an online retailer which makes asset tags to identify your bike in case of theft or accident. We catalog bicycles and their owners via individual numbers stamped on the frame of registered bikes. And we offer asset tags and registration for up to three bikes to bike owners across North America for free.

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The .anything Era

Today’s narrow range of so-called top-level domains (such as .com and .org) are about to be joined by an unlimited range of new ones. These could be used as corporate branding (.coke or .pepsi, for example), to organize multiple sites into categories (think .food, .bank, and anything else). But, while they could open new commercial opportunities and have some security benefits, the domains could also confuse some users, creating new opportunities for fraud artists.

For decades, the Internet has operated with just 21 top-level domains—the most common one being .com (which has about 200 million registered domain names)—plus country names like .jp for Japan and .de for Germany. But last week, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), the nonprofit body that governs the naming system, decided after years of discussion to allow the new custom top-level domains. The organization is about to launch a campaign to raise awareness about their availability, and will accept applications starting January 12, 2012.  

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GlobalTalk – Free Phone Calls

As we know that more and more apps are added into the Android market daily….we are able to see new apps everyday.

Android supports many free calls from ANDROID to ANDROID phones over internet….now an app named GLOBALTALK is offering a 1$ credit to all the users who download and install the app….

As a leading telecommunications company in United States, Seawolf Technologies is dedicated to providing excellent global phone call service for all smart phone users with reasonable pricing plans.

With $1 balance as a free gift to start, you can use our GlobalTalk App to make call worldwide in a very simple way.

GlobalTalk supports WIFI, 3G, and EDGE connections so you can call your family and friends anywhere anytime!

Dialing Rules are carefully optimized based on your current country, so it is very easy for you to make a call — just the same way as how you make call using the embedded Phone App in Your Phone!

You can use 0091 as prefix code for India. For e.g. To call 9123456789 you can dial 00919123456789


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Mahesh ( MGIT ECE 4th year )

We have heard of submarines that can travel in under water, we have seen many of such Submarines in the BOND Movies also….But the submarines were mainly used at that time to attack an enemy Nation by being in disguise.

Later on advances in technology has made inevitable changes in the concept of use of submarines. Now they are used to detect the minerals that exist deep under the sea which are almost more that 5000 feet below.

A Human being going so deep into the seas and oceans is way too risky so SUBMERSILE’s were designed to fulfill this task. Many of the countries including INDIA have put in their R&D into designing Submersile’s. CHINA being the top country which has got a lot of progress in this regard, they have started the research in 2002 and they could successfully complete the Model. They named it JIALONG.



China’s manned deep-diving submersible Jiaolong  left a port in Jiangyin, Jiangsu province on board its mother ship Xiangyanghong 9 yesterday for a 5,000 meter dive in the Pacific Ocean.

Only four other nations – the United States, France, Russia and Japan – have the technology for a manned submersible dive at greater than 3,500 meters below sea level.

A submersible is a smaller version of a submarine, and requires a mother ship while it is on the surface. It can also dive much deeper than a submarine.

Named after a mythical sea dragon, Jiaolong completed 17 dives in the South China Sea between May 31 and July 13 last year, reaching a maximum depth of 3,759 meters with three crew members on board.

This time, it will attempt a 5 kilometer-deep dive in the Pacific Ocean in the next 47 days, and it is expected to make four dives, said Jin Jiancai, secretary-general of China Ocean Mineral Resources R&D Association (COMRA).

The 8.2 meter, 22 ton submersible was designed to go to a depth of 7,000 meters, which could give China access to 99.8 percent of the ocean floor. Jiaolong is considered to be the world’s only deep-sea vessel that can theoretically reach those depths.

Jin noted that safety was the first priority in this mission.

“First of all, we should bear in mind that this is a scientific experiment. Although we have studied the environment as much as possible, there are still some unpredictable conditions.”

“Even if we could not reach the expected depth for some reason, we will achieve the goal of this experiment as long as all our crew members return safely to land,” said Jin.

Manufactured as part of the national high technology R&D plan in 2002, also known as the 863 Plan, more than half of Jiaolong’s parts and components were made in China.

Jin said part of the mission is to fulfill the contract between the International Seabed Authority (ISA) and COMRA, which includes taking photographs and video footage of the sea floor, and measuring submarine topography and geomorphy, in the 75,000 square kilometer area designated by the ISA.

“With permits from the ISA, China will be able to explore minerals and other resources for commercial purposes in this area once the technology matures,” added Jin.

The three crew members on Jiaolong are Tang Jialing, Fu Wentao and Ye Cong. Ye, Jiaolong’s pilot, has been responsible for 28 of the 37 dives that it has made so far, and he also helped with the design of the craft.

source:China Daily

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Mahesh (MGIT ECE 4th year)

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