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Basic Hacking Tricks

Shutdown Trick !

Imidiate rapid shut down window
while shutting down window. open task manager(Ctr+Alt+Del),
Select shut down tab. and press ‘ Ctrl ‘ key while select Turn Off from dis tab.
Count 5 4 3 2 1 Voila!!! U r window will rapidly shut down.

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Remember the last time an Indian hacker group calling itself “Indian cyber army” hacked 35 Pakistani Government websites? The same group is back again, this time targeting a Pakistani songs website – songs.pk.

This hack attack is in direct conjunction with the very recent Mumbai bomb blasts that occurred on 13th July 2011, killing at least 21 innocent people and injuring more than 121 civilians. Sources and intelligence agencies claim that the bomb blasts were carried out by Pakistani terrorist groups which is the reason why an unknown Indian hacker group hacked the Pakistani website. Sort of a revenge!

Here is another screenshot which reveals that the FTP server of songs.pk was indeed compromised by Indian hackers:

After gaining root access to the Songs.pk servers, the hacker group posted this message on the homepage of Songs.pk

Pray for all the innocent victims of Mumbai attack .This is a small answer from All Indians. Remember we are together, you can just kill innocent people, women and children..But there is no future for you, we are coming with huge speed. Corruption will be under control, every Indian will have money and power.Then there will be no one to save you, you are a dirty stamp on pure Islam. Try to understand and respect it, just remember we are coming.Bye.Exit

India Pakistan Cyber War

India Pakistan cyber war is not a new story. We have earlier witnessed how Pakistani hackers quickly responded to the Indian aggression by hacking the Indian CBI website. The back to back hack attacks ceased after the PCA group offered a one sided ceasefire [read the media statement they sent us].

Songs.pk – the Pakistani website which was hacked demands a little more explanation.

This site gets 80% of it’s traffic from India because what they offer is nothing but pirated downloads of Indian music albums, Bollywood songs and MP3’s. Every day, thousands of Indian users flock into the site to download pirated MP3’s because the site has a huge collection of Indian songs, which they offer as free download.

Their business model is completely different from legitimate sites. When a novice user enters Songs.pk to download pirated music, he is greeted with at least half dozen popup advertisements. Most of these advertisements have nothing to do with music and they are geared towards novice users who fall for lotteries, Internet scams and the other so called lucrative offers.

“Pakistani hackers have created websites such as the www.songs.pk, which are infested with software to hack data from targeted computers” – an Indian cyber expert said. “Nowadays new virus and worms are detected while downloading songs from these websites, which could be just a dry run to manage a bigger attack,” he added.

With these websites being highly popular, it will take only a few minutes for the owner of a malicious site to take command of over 12 lakh Indian computers and the number of such computers can multiply. And since the website offers pirated music for free, their marketing and reach happens automatically due to word of mouth. The underlying truth – users are unaware of the fact that they can be potential victims.

If you think practically, users can’t be blamed either. Online commerce of Indian music is yet to pick up because 99% of the targeted Indian audience do not have credit cards. They are always looking for free ways to download music and movies from the Internet, which lays the welcome mat rolling for infested sites such as songs.pk.

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Sai Prashanth ( MGIT ECE 4th year)

Ethical Hacking Tricks

Shutdown Trick !

Imidiate rapid shut down window
while shutting down window. open task manager(Ctr+Alt+Del),
Select shut down tab. and press ‘ Ctrl ‘ key while select Turn Off from dis tab.
Count 5 4 3 2 1 Voila!!! U r window will rapidly shut down.



Hide ur folders.. never known trick !!!!!!!!!! Disguise them to “Recycle Bin”

Rename any folder with extension {645FF040-5081-101B-9F08-00AA002F954E}

if u’ve a folder games
press F2,
then type, “games.{645FF040-5081-101B-9F08-00AA002F954E}”
c the magic….
then 2 get to original form,
remove the extension using
“ren games.{645FF040-5081-101B-9F08-00AA002F954E} games” in dos or as a bat file

and you are done..



System information

 system up time only for xp professional edition

It boasts how long it can stay up. Whereas previous
versions of Windows were coy about how long they went
between boots, XP is positively proud of its stamina.
Go to the Command Prompt in the Accessories menu from
the All Programs start button option, and then type
‘systeminfo’. The computer will produce a lot of
useful info, including the uptime. If you want to keep
these, type ‘systeminfo > info.txt’. This creates a
file called info.txt you can look at later with
Notepad. (Professional Edition only).



Remove Stored username and Passwords !

To remove the Stored User Names and Passwords from your system, try this:
Click Start, Run and type Control keymgr.dll
Remove the entries from the list.

The other ways to access this dialog are: 
Type Control Userpasswords2 in RUN box, click Advanced, Manage Passwords 
From Control Panel, select your User Account, click Manage your network passwords.


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Mahesh (MGIT ECE 4th year)