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Stealth Technology

Stealth or low observability (as it is scientifically known) is one of the most misunderstood and misinterpreted concepts in military aviation by the common man. Stealth aircraft are considered as invisible aircraft, which dominate the skies. With an additional boost from Hollywood action movies, stealth is today termed as the concept invincibility rather than invisibility. Though, the debate still continues on whether stealth technology can make an aircraft invincible it was found that stealth aircraft are detectable by radar.

The motive behind incorporating stealth technology in an aircraft is not just to avoid missiles being fired at is but also to give total deniability to covert operations. This is very much useful to strike targets where it is impossible to reach. Thus we can clearly say that the job of a stealth aircraft pilot is not to let others know that he was ever there.

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You have your phone, your iPod, your headphones, and your wi-fi headset, in case you get a call. You have your sunglasses. Youre ready to goor are you? What if you could pull on your shades and have all of the above, in one cool package? Enter Tri-Specs. They come built-in Bluetooth wireless headphones for an MP3 Player or cell phone, retractable earbuds, built-in volume control, and even voice control. For $200, you can be the coolest kid on the block.

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Pico projectors are an easy way to increase the screen real estate of your mobile phone, but what if you’d rather not carry one around in your pocket or bulk up your phone’s slim profile with a slip on solution? Well, a team of intrepid researchers may have come up with an elegant solution to your problem that can work with any smartphone and external display: VIRTUAL PROJECTION.

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Computer meant to be a large box containing a screen along with another big box namely CPU. This was the picture of COMPUTER a decade back. But with the revolution of laptops, computers became mobile and users too started carrying it where ever they want. And now it’s the generation of new tablet PC’s and smart phones as well up to some extent. But users didn’t loose interest in the desktops so far.

Information stored in laptops and iPads can be easily referred and used because we can carry them where ever we want. But what about desktops? Using pen drives would be a better answer but not a perfect one. We may want some information from our desktop when we are some where far from our house. And the second thing is the security of that information present in our desktop even if we keep passwords.

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dual-screened 2-in-1 Android smartpad

Is it a smartphone or tablet? It’s neither … and it’s both. You decide!
A dual-screen 2-in-1 device that combines the best of smartphones and tablets that allows anyone to truly multitask their applications for maximized productivity, unparalleled fun and effortless connectivity.

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The mouse, sometimes it is your best friend and sometimes it is the carpal tunnel inducing, hand cramping pain in the buttocks, but what if it didn’t have to give you those cramps? What if instead of forcing your hand to conform to the position it wants you in, it would let you use your natural hand, in whatever way you want?

With the plethora of mouse alternatives available or in development you’d be forgiven for thinking the humble computer mouse was some kind of torturous device inflicted upon computer users. But despite challengers such as the trackball, theWOW-PEN Joy, the ErgoSlider Plus, the Orbita Mouse and the AirMouse – just to name a few – the mouse has maintained its dominance while remaining largely unchanged since its unveiling in 1968. Now there’s another alternative cursor relocation device set to hit the market called the evoMouse that turns just about any flat surface into a virtual trackpad with your finger as the pointer.

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30 Storey hotel built in 360 hours !

Which country can build a 30 storey building in 360 hours? Yes China. A country which is on a race with itself has set one more record – of sorts. A 30 storey, 183000 square foot hotel was built in 360 hours.

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Speech recognition company Nuance (now a part of Apple’s Siri), is launching its new “Dragon TV” platform , which will allow consumers to interact with their TV using their voice and natural language. According to Nuance’s announcement, you’ll be able to navigate your TV by saying things like “go to PBS,” “What’s on Bravo at 9 tonight?,” “Watch Dexter on DVR,” “Find comedies with Vince Vaughn,” and more.

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Another revolutionary product by Acer has created a buzz in the market. With its futuristic machine known as Iconia notebook, Acer has come a long way in keeping its consumers happy. Launched in Indian Market, this notebook is an ultimate piece of innovation by the company. The notebook is consumer friendly in terms of its features and display.



14.1-inch display with multi- touch and LED backlit offers a good experience while working on the notebook. Along with 1366×768 pixels resolution, Acer Iconia comes with a decent configuration that could offer competition to the existing mid- end laptops. The configuration options by this smart notebook includes 480M, 560M or 580M Intel Core i5 with incorporated HD graphics, DDR3 RAM of upto 4 GB and variety of drive choices. The versatile machine has SDIF/HDMI/VGA with USB ports 2.0 and 3.0. One does not even has to compromise with the connectivity options with Bluetooth, WiFi along with embedded gigabit Ethernet and WWAN provided by Iconia.  With additional Crystal eye webcam and great microphones, Acer Iconia would make you fall in love with it. The heart of notebook or Acer ring controls interface also comforts the users. Job dial on the bottom screen allows the user to switch between applications, virtual keyboard and navigation elements.With the basic model available just at Rs. 69,999, the notebook would be a hot property. The notebook truly offers a mesmerizing look and feel.



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Manohar ( MGIT ECE 2nd year )

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Keyport  Slide proves the statement “good things come in small packages” correct and offers a solution to various human problems. The multi-key device allows the user to put in digital files and key imprints at a single place. Initially the device used to come with a USB flash drive insert but the latest addition offers LED insert too. As small as key fob, it has the capability of offering access to around 6 ports with ease. The compact and lightweight tool can consolidate your keys and also other personal items like LED, bottle opener and USB drive. Water resistance is another feature offered by this small device.

Weighing 2.1 ounces, it can easily fit in your jeans pocket and accommodate all the keys- auto keys, security keys. Also it is designed in a way that you do not have to worry about it stabbing your leg or ripping the pockets. You can get away from the scratches cause due to dangling key as keyport takes care of it. The option of lanyard attachment allows the users to add loose items like car alarm fobs with it. If you are thinking that you could lose this small device anywhere then worry no more. Keyport comes with unique serial number that can be used to recover it if lost. You can buy starter bundle just for $79 and an added $9.99 can get you the LED light keyport.

If you are one of those who hate key chains or carrying so many keys, this is the device for you.  All you keys could be stuffed in a compact form with Keyport Slide. Though small but this is one of the significant tools that ensure your keys are safe and at one place. Plethora of colours allows the buyer to have one of their choices too.

The Keyport has a number of advantages over a traditional keychain:
  Universal: The Keyport accommodates the vast majority of key types, including high security and chipped auto keys.
  Multipurpose: In addition to Blades, Keyport offers an array of inserts (e.g. USB flash drives, mini-LED, bottle opener, barcode holder) and accessories (e.g. diamond Nodes, mini-reels, lanyards)
  Compact: It fits comfortably in the fifth pocket of a pair of jeans.
  Lightweight: Fully loaded, the Keyport weighs less than six traditional keys.
  Safe: Keyport products have no sharp edges, and keys no longer have the potential to slice, cut, or stab the user while in pocket
  Durable: Keyport products are constructed with high-grade materials such as top of the line polycarbonate and stainless steel, making them resilient and lightweight
  Recoverable: Keyport devices include a serial number which allows found devices to be reunited with their owners via Keyport Lost & Found.
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Manohar ( MGIT ECE 2nd year )