Speech recognition company Nuance (now a part of Apple’s Siri), is launching its new “Dragon TV” platform , which will allow consumers to interact with their TV using their voice and natural language. According to Nuance’s announcement, you’ll be able to navigate your TV by saying things like “go to PBS,” “What’s on Bravo at 9 tonight?,” “Watch Dexter on DVR,” “Find comedies with Vince Vaughn,” and more.

The company said Monday—at the International Consumer Electronics Show—that it will launch Dragon TV, a voice and natural language platform for TVs, devices and set-top boxes. The idea is that Nuance’s software would be included into these devices. Nuance’s move is notable as chatter about Apple delivering a TV connected with its Siri software heats up. Nuance appears to be going for broad partnership in multiple devices approach.

The Dragon TV platform also integrates with social networks, allowing you to send messages and posts updates by voice, the company explains. Dragon TV would be an alternative to a completely integrated solution, as it would allow anyone to build in Siri-like voice technology into TV sets, DVRs and other set-top boxes. However, it could easily form the backbone of whatever Apple may have in store for its “iTV” product, too. Nuance says Dragon TV will run on Linux, Android and, of course, iOS.

 Dragon TV aims to integrate social applications and communication tools, connect to listing and allow for messaging. Nuance’s Far-Talk technology will be able to hone in on your voice. On the business front, the TV market is another key vertical for Nuance to exploit. The company is dominant in the auto, mobile and healthcare markets.

Leveraging Nuance’s voice and natural language understanding capabilities, Dragon TV creates the “lean-back experience” consumers demand, with the ability to easily find content by speaking channel numbers, station names, show and movie names. People can even search for content by actor and genre, and stay connected via Twitter, Facebook and Skype


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