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CES 2013 – Expectations in Store!!!

The Consumer Electronics Show, or CES, is one of the largest showcases of new technology in the world.

Hosted by the Consumer Electronics Association in Las Vegas, CES 2013 will open to press and exhibitors from every facet of the electronics industry.

We’ll wait to descend upon the gambling capital of the world for four days of basking in the glow of the latest computers, televisions, cameras, phones and more.

CES 2013-580-75

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What is an Adapter??

As we all heard of Adapter many times, it can be a TV adapter, Telephone Adapter, Adapter for speakers etc., Adapters are used very commonly in many of the Electronic devices. They play a key role in the Electronic Consumer Industry.

ADAPTER: An adapter is a physical device that allows one hardware or electronic interface to be adapted (accommodated without loss of function) to another hardware or electronic interface. In a computer, an adapter is often built into a card that can be inserted into a slot on the computer’s motherboard. The card adapts information that is exchanged between the computer’s microprocessor and the devices that the card supports.

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DONGLE – How Does It Work ?

Many of us might have old desktops at home which we will be using for watching movies, playing songs and working on some low end applications. Because our Old Desktops configuration probably would be a Intel p4 or a Intel Pentium D or an older version of AMD, also that the RAM would be around typically 512MB.

But still we use them for our daily use because the resale value of them in the market is very less as Electronic Devices are growing very fast and we are able to get high end devices at a lower cost so who wants to buy an Old Desktop PC. Now-a-days many of us are using Wi-Fi at home and because our Old PC’s typically don’t have a wireless capability built into it, we face difficulty to connect our Mobile Devices, laptops to our Desktop PC. Come’On guys Wireless Connectivity is the new trend, so i would like to introduce you to a device which would solve this problem .

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Recently a CAR with only two wheels was released, it was equipped with a set of electronic gyroscopes which help in balancing the car. It is a single capacity seated car with all the latest features embedded to it as usual as any other car, It is called the Lit -C1.

What is Gyroscope Technology

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A Radio Frequency (RF) Jammer is a device used to disrupt or prevent communication via a broadcasted RF signal. Cell phone jammers work by creating a “dead zone” in the immediate vicinity of the device, which temporarily blocks the signals that make cell phone transmission possible. Most commercially marketed cell phone jammers are small enough to fit in the palm of a hand or in a pocket. The tradeoff is that their range is limited to an average 50 to 80 feet. Larger and more powerful cell phone jammers have a range that can be measured in miles. Read more to know how is jamming done and components used to make a jammer.

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Cotton – Fabric of our lights

The advancement of electronics in textiles field has reached a new level. Earlier electronics were embedded in the textiles,which provides a wide variety of applications such as monitor homes for noxious chemicals, help firefighters maneuver in smoky buildings, help stroke victims recover their function and much more. With increase in the applications e-textiles become much bulkier, with full of wires  and sensors,thus not suitable for mass production. Hence scientists moved a step forward  and were  successful in  making the fabric itself as electronic  device.

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Electronic Waste

Recycling electronics not only helps prevent hazardous materials from filling landfills, but also conserves natural resources because the recycled electronics are reused, reports the National Center for Recycling Electronics. Recycling may also stimulate local job growth as businesses develop to handle increasing recycling needs. Donating is another means of recycling electronics, which helps to support low-income families, schools and communities throughout the world. Many people know that you can recycle computer and cell phones, but smaller electronics such as cameras and portable sound players can be recycled too.

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The world’s smallest magnetic data storage unit is made of just 12 atoms, squeezing an entire byte into just 96 atoms, a significant shrinkage in the world of information storage. It’s not a quantum computer, but it’s a computer storage unit at the quantum scale. By contrast, modern hard disk drives use about a million atoms to store a single bit, and a half billion atoms per byte.

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Mobile Lorm Glove

The Design Research Lab in Berlin has developed a glove that provides a way for people who are deaf and blind to communicate digitally. Named the Mobile Lorm Glove, this product has the ability to translate text into “Lorm,” a hand-touch alphabet used by deaf blind people. Such a product allows them to communicate via SMS messaging, email and online chat.Textile pressure sensors located on the palm of the glove enable the deafblind user to “lorm” onto his or her own hand to compose text messages.

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Insight of Ear Phones

One of the modern ways of getting relief from stress is music. There is no better way than listening music through ear phones. Ear phones have become popular from the day of its invention. Almost every one with a mobile has earphones. But have you ever opened it and saw its construction. Well, here is a small insight on the EAR PHONES

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