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Nokia City Lens Technology

We have seen maps, Street Views…. now comes the CITY LENS Technology which gives you more details to the Roadmaps along with categories which makes our search much simpler. Thanks to NOKIA for having created a technology which will have a heap change in the world of Navigation.

Nokia Lumia set of phones are compatible with CITY LENS as of now, which Nokia is planning to extend it to other set of phones like N8, Nokia 808 Pureview etc.,

Tough luck for Lumia 610 owners though, City Lens cannot run on 256 MB of RAM. It’s good to see Nokia bring a big feature like this to its previous smartphones as Microsoft had announced that none of the current Windows Phone 7.5 devices will get an upgrade to Windows Phone 8. They promised an update called Windows Phone 7.8 which brings a bunch of new features including the new start screen to older devices though. Even Symbian Belle phones like the PureView 808, N8 and such will get a version of City Lens. After being in beta for a couple of months, it is now officially available for these devices as a release version. However, Nokia Lumia 920 and 820 will be getting a different version of City Lens with more features once they release.

How does it work

Nokia City Lens uses a combination of Nokia Maps, GPS and the inbuilt compass to determine where you are and then displays nearby places of interest. When you fire it up, there’s a screen from which you can choose one of eight categories: nearby, food, hotels, shopping, famous, fun, sights, and transport. You can select one or more categories, point your phone in any direction as if snapping a photo, and voila! There’s all the information you’ll need in an overlay format, distance, categories, ratings and all. Tapping a specific place reveals more details about it. Everything is color specific and you can easily distinguish the categories of the places. On our test phase, even small restaurants were showing up, which is pretty cool. All this information is pulled from Nokia Maps and TripAdvisor.

When you pan the phone, you can see that the places update in real time and yes, everything is accurate. The closer ones appear in more detail while the further ones appear as smaller icons. As you move in a direction, everything updates and you know exactly what progress you’re making.

Courtesy: coolpctips.com

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Nokia 41 Megapixel Phone

Nokia is going through a very bad period while its market share has declined to a great extent…. As Nokia is still sticking to its SYMBIAN Software it unleashes a new Phone having a Revolutionary 41 Megapixel Camera to it…. which is considered to be much better that IPHONE 4S…

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Gold has been considered to be a great investment from time immemorial and things have not changed much; most of us prefer investing in gold in form of jewelery, gold coins or any other form. But have you ever thought of investing in a gold phone? No, it is not any fantasy product but the new Nokia Oro. The classy phone lets one flaunt a unique style statement. Panache, exclusiveness, user comfort- the phone has got it all. 

The phone comes in 18 carat coating along with sapphire crystal and fine Scotland leather. The finishing is done carefully using appropriate techniques. The gold platting blends beautifully with the phone.  The Symbian software and latest upgrade of Symbian Anna makes the gold phone a good buy. And WiFi, pentaband radio and HSDPA 3G further add to the delight of users. With 3.5 inch display and 8 megapixel camera, Oro allows its user’s to capture their memories. Claiming to be a great companion for people with a taste of sophistication, this mobile phone is perfect for attesting one’s status and success.

 This exceptional amalgamation of premium materials and delicate craftsmanship has jaws dropping beauty and design. If you are bored of using the clichéd phones, Nokia Oro is your phone. Priced as per its features, you would not feel it overpriced at around Rs. 50900. Also the phone offers a suitable option for the people who tend to drop their phone often. Next time you drop your phone, you do not have to worry about the scratches on the screen as it scratch resistant. Main markets for the phone are Russia and Middle East due to popularity of such phones there and undoubtedly Nokia Oro would also be a hit too.
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As the complete world now wants to use Android, and IOS to some extent…..NOKIA is keen to use LINUX as its open OS to be installed in the upcoming Smart phones….Lets see whether it could give a tough fight to its competitors APPLE and GOOGLE.

The world’s biggest mobile phone maker, Nokia, could start to use open-source Linux software on its more expensive phone models, a senior company official said on Tuesday. Nokia recently unveiled a smart phone N97 recently.

In the longer perspective, Linux will become a serious alternative for our high-end phones,” Ukko Lappalainen, vice president at Nokia’s markets unit, told in an interview on the sidelines of the “Nokia World” industry conference.

Linux’s role in the handset industry is growing as Google has introduced its Linux-based Android platform, but Lappalainen said Nokia was likely to stick to its own Linux development.

Nokia uses Linux maemo software in its niche offering of Internet tablets, while it uses Symbian software for its phones.

The Nokia N900 runs on the Linux-based Maeme 5 software, featuring true multitasking with applications as well as Web browsing with Adobe Flash support.

Nokia’s workhorse Symbian operating system controls half of the smartphone market volume — more than its rivals Apple, Research in Motion and Google put together. Nokia said Linux would work well in parallel with Symbian in its high-end product range.




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With the launch of new two smartphones Nokia E6 and Nokia X7, Nokia unveiled new Symbian Anna OS. And this new OS has some great features as compared to old Symbian versions. 


Features of Symbian ANNA OS

Improved Icons

Watch the video below to have a look at the GUI and new icons designed by nokia.

Easier Browsing

High value touch UI improvements, including URL entry bar; better user responsiveness, faster history navigation and page loading, split screen virtual Qwerty keyboard.

Refreshed Ovi Maps

Smarter search; ability to share places via email and SMS, and also with friends using non-Nokia phones; public transport network lines view; update and download full country maps via WLAN.

Enhanced Ovi Store

Improved search, including auto-complete, spell-checking and Internet search engine optimization and error fixes; increased file size limits for downloading over WLAN

Social Media Enhanced

Status updates in contact card, ability to retweet and view follower list in Twitter, higher resolution image uploads, ability to add caption to images. Facebooking etc

Enhanced Ovi Suite

SWorks seamlessly with the latest version of Ovi Suite to update the device software, download free street maps, download new music and discover the latest mobile apps, back up the device to keep content safe, and sync content with Ovi.

Messaging Enhanced

Symbian Anna comes with instant messaging with Microsoft Communicator Mobile, which should prove a great option for business customers.


Nokia 500 with 1GHz processor and Symbian Anna OS

Nokia has launched a new mid-range Nokia 500 handset that runs 1GHz processor powering Symbian Anna OS, 3.2-inch capacitive touchscreen display and comes with bunch of pre-loaded applications due before end of this year.


Nokia has formally announced the new Nokia 500 handset with 1Ghz processor and 3.2-inch capacitive touchscreen display.


Running Symbian Anna OS, the new Nokia 500 becomes the lightest Symbian^3 device with mere 93 grams of weight. Offered in six different colours which will vary by country, the new Nokia 500 handset will be available later this year at cost of 150 Euros, prior taxes and subsidies. There’s no clarity on when this device would be launched in India as yet.


Nokia 500 is aimed to be more affordable and mid-range mobile phone in the Symbian^3 range. Bearing a 1Ghz ARM architecture based processor, the Nokia 500 comes with 640×360 pixel resolution supporting 3.2-inch capacitive touchscreen display. This is a great news for those looking for a budget touchscreen device from Nokia.


At the back, the phone has good 5-megapixel camera to capture images and video in VGA (640×480) or one ninth of high definition ( nHD 640×532) resolutions. Nokia Maps with free walk and navigation features comes pre-installed in the 2GB onboard storage and capability to hold up to 32 GB memory card.


Nokia 500 promises 5.8 Mbps speed bandwidth with the 3G network. Other features of Nokia 500 includesBluetooth 2.1, Wi-Fi (802.11 b/g), FM Radio, orientation sensor, compass, proximity sensor, ambient light sensor and integrated GPS chip with A-GPS support.


Nokia has packed a 1110 mAh Li-Ion battery in the Nokia 500 handset and it offers up to 7 hours of talk time in the GSM network (2G) and up to 5 hours on the WCDMA (3G) Network.


The Nokia 500 will be offered in azure blue, black, coral red, purple, khaki and orange colours. Apart from that, the company will also offer Nokia 500 in hot pink and dark silver colour options.

courtesy:www.techonzo.com, www.themobileindian.com

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Nokia X7

Well, Nokia is not the force that it once used to be. And there are enough reasons to prove that faction. We think that Nokia’s inability to live up to the market conditions has cost the company dearly. But now it almost seems like Nokia is set to prove everybody wrong. The company has had a great month so far with the announcement of the Nokia E6, Nokia N9 and N950 along with the unexpected unveiling (leak) of the Nokia Sea Ray (the company’s first Windows Phone handset). And now the company has launched another new handset in the form of the Nokia X7.

The X7 will be a Symbian Anna running handset with a relatively bigger 4 inch AMOLED display with scratch proof Gorilla Glass display, an 8MP camera capable of HD video playback and recording, a 680 MHz processor (nothing new there),  320MB of internal storage with an 8GB microSD card. The handset is priced at Rs 21,999 which makes it slightly overpriced.


Nokia endorses the X7 as a gaming oriented handset which means that Nokia could well be targeting the young with this handset. Dubbed as high definition gaming device, games from EA Games can be downloaded for the X7 from the Ovi Store. The bigger display real estate will certainly add to the fun. Usability wise the Nokia X7 is an upgrade over the other Symbian handsets mainly because of Symbian Anna. With Symbian Anna, users apparently will see improvements in the stock web browser, in terms of speed and usability. We’re not sure if these minor improvements are worth Rs 22,000, but well that has been the case with any Nokia handset in the past. We wouldn’t be surprised if the handset sells like hotcakes in the country with India being one of Nokia’s prime markets. But with the advent of Android, users have become slightly picky over smartphones.

courtesy: tech-buzz.com

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