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Stretching for thousands of miles beneath oceans, optical fibers now connect every continent except for Antarctica. With less data loss and higher bandwidth, optical-fiber technology allows information to zip around the world, bringing pictures, video, and other data from every corner of the globe to your computer in a split second. But although optical fibers are increasingly replacing copper wires, carrying information via photons instead of electrons, today’s computer technology still relies on electronic chips.

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100 Cores in a Chip!!

You might have seen chips with eight, sixteen and even 32 cores. But Anant Agarwal, an MIT genius is manufacturing the world’s first chip with 100 cores in his commercial venture Tilera

Anant is currently the Director of Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab (CSAIL). Tilera, the many-core chip is a product of his focus on making efficient future servers with power saving and high performance chips.

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There’s an increasing trend to start producing gadgets that are getting thinner and thinner with each generation. Droid RAZR unveiled by motorola, which is based on the legacy of the RAZR feature phone, will most probably end up being one of the thinnest smartphones to date. But how much smaller/thinner could we make our devices? Well if the scientists at Northwestern University manage to commercialize their new material, perhaps it won’t be too long.

Scientists at Northwestern University decided to look at the problem of teeny-tiny circuits in ever-shrinking electronic devices in a new way, by coming up with a material that can be a resistor, a rectifier, a diode or a transistor depending on signals from a computer.

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