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Facebook Inbox access for 1$

Facebook has come up with a new idea that anyone can send a message to Someone’s Inbox even if you are not connected with him i.e. even if he is not in your friends list.

A new revamp of Facebook Messages is pointing the way to let people buy access to your inbox on the social network.

In a “small experiment” starting today, Facebook said it’ll be evaluating the “usefulness of economic signals” to determine what messages, from those with whom they have no connection, might be relevant to a given user.


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Cbox – A interactive Chat Box

 We have seen Online chats or group chats what we use in Facebook and regular tweet boxes we use in Twitter…. But Cbox provides us with a interactive Online Chat Box which has a very good User Interface…. let us go through further details….

Get a Cbox and add a new dimension of interaction to your website or blog. Cbox is a unique chat and messaging application that brings the best features of traditional chat and tagging systems to the social web. And the best part – Cbox Basic is completely free.

Visit http://www.cbox.ws/

Cbox is available in 2 ways

1. Free Usage

Unlike traditional chat, Cbox has perpetual message history so your visitors are placed immediately in context. Cbox is finely customizable to blend into your site, it’s intuitive, making it fun and easy to use, and it’s secure, giving you control over who can post, and blocking spam.

2. Premium Usage

Cbox is designed to be highly scalable, supporting hundreds of concurrent users on a single chat; its compatibility is unmatched – engineered to function on every browser, Cbox takes advantage of newer technology where it’s available, degrading gracefully on older systems. Cbox uses HTML and AJAX technologies – requires no plugins. We’ve packaged this great featureset with additional support into our Premium service.

Courtesy : http://www.cbox.ws/

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Mahesh ( MGIT ECE 4th year )

Google has started a new project on social network site. It is going to arrive with latest real time environment. Real time sharing, rethought of the web are the main motto of the Google+ project.
The modern world; the humans main theme is to connect with everyone. We want to be with everyone on every day; cheering, chilling & commenting on the things .we want to be as if in one place.

You may be wondering by seeing the black strip on the Google site. Making you vision right on to it, when you are on to the main page. It is an indication of something new is to make a Google even big. The thing is that Google+. It has a wide features like circles, hangouts, sparks, instant uploads, huddles.

The circles are meant for, if are going to share the things on the network, you may not be intended to share with the all the contacts. You share different things with different people. So sharing the right stuff with the right people shouldn’t be a hassle. You may circle your friends to one circle, your relatives to another, you boss to other circle. Your sharing of things will be particular to only the people you are intended.

It’s through Circles that users select and organize contacts into groups for optimal sharing. I know, It may just ,not more group management. But the truth is that Google has made the process as pleasant as possible. You simply select people from a list of recommended contacts (populated from your Gmail and/or Google Contacts) and drag them into Circles you designate. The user interface for all of this is simple and intuitive — it’s so good, that you might even say it’s kind of fun. It beats the pants off of the method for creating a group within Face book.

Think of the hangouts that usually we do like a meeting in a pub, restaurant. We usually make signals when you enter the place. This is  pretty simple as that. The current messaging or chatting is done as if the friends are pinged who are in online. We are unable to know really they are not interested or not there currently.  By combining the casual meet up with live multi-person video, Hangouts lets you stop by when you’re free, and spend time with your Circles. Face-to-face-to-face.

+Mobile, the perfect sharing device of modern world. U can share what around u without any hustle. With every message u can add the place where you are right now(if you are interested).

With the instant uploads you can share the photos, videos from your mobile. This is pretty easier by using this instant uploads. With Instant Upload, your photos and videos upload themselves automatically, to a private album on Google+. Now the job of you is to select to whom it is to be shared. With your permission the photos and videos will upload to the cloud on the Google+, and let you to share the things to your other intended buddies.

Let the sparks know what you are into, it will sends the stuff that may like. When the time is to be killed properly, the sparks works better. You can watch, read and share the articles what you are into.
Sparks, the online sharing engine.  Sparks delivers a feed of highly contagious content from across the Internet. On any topic you want, in over 40 languages. Simply add your interests, and you’ll always have something to watch, read and share—with just the right circle of friends:

Huddle is the place where a group of people chat together. It is same as a group chat. Everyone gets the same page all at once.
In the busy world, our plans may change at any moment or a minute. a group messaging experience that lets everyone inside the circle know what’s going on, right this second.

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Sai Prashanth (MGIT ECE 3rd year)

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