You have your phone, your iPod, your headphones, and your wi-fi headset, in case you get a call. You have your sunglasses. Youre ready to goor are you? What if you could pull on your shades and have all of the above, in one cool package? Enter Tri-Specs. They come built-in Bluetooth wireless headphones for an MP3 Player or cell phone, retractable earbuds, built-in volume control, and even voice control. For $200, you can be the coolest kid on the block.

Tri-Specs Inc is a company that combines high-tech and high-fashion in user-friendly consumer electronics. They have recently announced their latest highly styled glasses with a simple user experience and STEP labs unsurpassed noise elimination acoutic technology.

TriSpecs offers a bluetooth enabled eyewear that combines the best technology for noise cancellation and gives amazing voice quality in mobile communications with enhanced, premium stereo sound for a great MP3 music experience using buttons on the arms of the glasses.

TriSpecs comes with a dual microphones, dual speakers and bluetooth connectivity. The Tri-Specs are designed in that way that no one can notice the earbuds while you are using them. In that way you can listen to your music and at the same time can give responce to any one without disgracing them.

“Beyond the form and function of these glasses, their performance is without equal,”said Isaac Levy, CEO of Tri-Specs, Inc. “Once you try them, you’ll know why TriSpecsare a must-have accessory in every wireless and fashion accessory manufacturer’s product line.”


Key features include

Two uni-directional microphone elements, each enclosed in a TriSpecs custom designed, dual ported with a four hole housing, and each

are located on the inside of each temple and behind each hinge area to offer superior, upfront, wind noise protection and back ground

noise reduction and elimination characteristics.

The dual microphone array, with a wide 5.0“ (128.0 mm) spacing, has a greater advantage of identifying and eliminating wind and

background noise, over the competition’s mono Bluetooth headset microphone spacing of only 0.75” (19.00 mm).

TriSpecs dual microphone array is integrated with STEP Labs, Inc’s, STEPvoice™ software algorithms, creating a highly directional remote

signal pickup system that has been specifically optimized to suit hands????free voice pickup. It uses the vector characteristics of signals to

find and capture the clear and clean voice while ignoring the noisy portion of those signals. The resulting speech output signal is

comfortable to hear, clearly understandable and more intelligible to the listener. Voice command and control in Automatic Speech

Recognition applications, increases word recognition rates and delivers near????perfect performance. In addition, “clean” signals minimize

signal bandwidth requirements and maximize channel capacity for telecom carriers.

TriSpecs Eyewear achieves extraordinary Signal to Noise Ratio (SNR) improvement while maintaining the spectral purity and fidelity of the

voice, seamlessly from quiet to severe noise, and in windy conditions.

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