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Cisco Linksys – Smart Wi-Fi Routers

Smart Wi-Fi routers are the trending technology because we are moving from traditional Wired Communication to Wireless communication and because of the advantages in Wireless communications- many organizations are trying to make the most use of it and integrate all such features which might make the user feel more comfortable.

Smart Wi-Fi – the name says it all, it has several other capabilities from just being a Wireless Router to connect to various Devices. The routers offer new tools for home network monitoring and control, and new mobile apps for anytime, anywhere remote access of files, photos, videos, music and more.


Easier Management and Setup

To make home networks easier for consumers to monitor and control, Linksys is also introducing a smart network map, a new Smart Wi-Fi tool that will be free for new Linksys Smart Wi-Fi Routers. The smart network map displays a visual representation of the home network and all of the connected devices to give users valuable information about network connectivity and current bandwidth usage so they can easily control devices, resolve issues, and get the most out of their home network.

To further simplify setup, Linksys’ new Smart Wi-Fi Routers can be installed from most tablets and smartphones or from a browser on a PC, without the need for a setup CD. Consumers simply connect to the router with their computer, tablet or smartphone, and then follow the simple set-up wizard to complete the installation. An optional Linksys Smart Wi-Fi account can be created following the set-up process to provide easy control of the home network, including settings, connected devices and Smart Wi-Fi tools on virtually any device, anytime, anywhere.

Simple Tap with NFC capability

To simplify connecting devices to the network, SimpleTap™ is now available with all Linksys Smart Wi-Fi Routers. SimpleTap simplifies the process of connecting devices to a home network, making it as easy as one touch of a button or a quick tap of a card. With SimpleTap, users can take advantage of Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS) in a number of ways such as using the NFC card shipping with all 802.11ac enabled Smart Wi-Fi routers, pushing the physical WPS button on a router or pushing the WPS button in the router’s browser or app interface.

Linksys Smart Wi-Fi Apps

Among the apps coming for Linksys Smart Wi-Fi are a several that will take advantage of the platform’s new ability to remotely access storage connected to the router. Four of the apps using this new capability are expected to be available in the spring.

App name Developer Description
FileFinch Fresh Consulting FileFinch helps users create a personal, highly secure cloud solution using their own hardware. Users simply connect a USB flash drive or hard disk to a Linksys Smart Wi-Fi Router and click to link their account. They can then access their files anywhere.
Qnext for Facebook Qnext Corp. Qnext lets users privately access and share large files, without uploads, with Facebook friends from a Linksys Smart Wi-Fi Router.
HipPlay Axentra Corporation HipPlay allows users to access, play and share pictures, music and videos stored at home from anywhere on a mobile device.
save@home Xoriant With save@home users single-click to save pictures from a smartphone to their personal cloud at home rather than “backing” up pictures.

Courtesy: newsroom.cisco.com.

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Keyport  Slide proves the statement “good things come in small packages” correct and offers a solution to various human problems. The multi-key device allows the user to put in digital files and key imprints at a single place. Initially the device used to come with a USB flash drive insert but the latest addition offers LED insert too. As small as key fob, it has the capability of offering access to around 6 ports with ease. The compact and lightweight tool can consolidate your keys and also other personal items like LED, bottle opener and USB drive. Water resistance is another feature offered by this small device.

Weighing 2.1 ounces, it can easily fit in your jeans pocket and accommodate all the keys- auto keys, security keys. Also it is designed in a way that you do not have to worry about it stabbing your leg or ripping the pockets. You can get away from the scratches cause due to dangling key as keyport takes care of it. The option of lanyard attachment allows the users to add loose items like car alarm fobs with it. If you are thinking that you could lose this small device anywhere then worry no more. Keyport comes with unique serial number that can be used to recover it if lost. You can buy starter bundle just for $79 and an added $9.99 can get you the LED light keyport.

If you are one of those who hate key chains or carrying so many keys, this is the device for you.  All you keys could be stuffed in a compact form with Keyport Slide. Though small but this is one of the significant tools that ensure your keys are safe and at one place. Plethora of colours allows the buyer to have one of their choices too.

The Keyport has a number of advantages over a traditional keychain:
  Universal: The Keyport accommodates the vast majority of key types, including high security and chipped auto keys.
  Multipurpose: In addition to Blades, Keyport offers an array of inserts (e.g. USB flash drives, mini-LED, bottle opener, barcode holder) and accessories (e.g. diamond Nodes, mini-reels, lanyards)
  Compact: It fits comfortably in the fifth pocket of a pair of jeans.
  Lightweight: Fully loaded, the Keyport weighs less than six traditional keys.
  Safe: Keyport products have no sharp edges, and keys no longer have the potential to slice, cut, or stab the user while in pocket
  Durable: Keyport products are constructed with high-grade materials such as top of the line polycarbonate and stainless steel, making them resilient and lightweight
  Recoverable: Keyport devices include a serial number which allows found devices to be reunited with their owners via Keyport Lost & Found.
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Manohar ( MGIT ECE 2nd year )