Many of your near and dear ones might have felt very bad when they had lost their vehicles during the night when they have parked them outside or in any unauthorized parking place….

I too had many experiences, one of my friend has lost his bike while he has just parked his bike adjacent to a busy road lane during the busy hours and within 10 minutes his bike was stolen and police complaint also did not get his bike back till now….

This was because of lack of any security for it, if we have secured softwares for many electronic devices like Mobile Phones then why not for BIKE…. so an organisation has come up with an idea….Let us know what it is about….

About Bike Guard

A bicycle is stolen every seven seconds in the U.S., and while thousands of bicycles are recovered by law enforcement each year, very few are returned. The reason is that there is often no way to identify the bicycle’s owner.

BikeGuard™: The Free Bike Registry is a service hosted byMyAssetTag, an online retailer which makes asset tags to identify your bike in case of theft or accident. We catalog bicycles and their owners via individual numbers stamped on the frame of registered bikes. And we offer asset tags and registration for up to three bikes to bike owners across North America for free.

Why We Do It: because the cyclists here at our Brooklyn office know what it’s like to lose a bike, when it’s most probably languishing in the storeroom of a police station because it lacks proper identification. As one police station puts it, “The purpose of the program is to reduce the number of bicycles stolen and assist the police in the recovery of stolen bicycles.”, is introducing us to BikeGuard, a new (and free) bike registry and identification program. This service provides its customers with free QR Code asset tags so folks can track and identify their bicycles, and since a bike is lost or stolen about every seven seconds, BikeGuard may just be part of reducing the challenge of locating and recovering bicycles for both the bike owners, and the police.

Registering your bike with BikeGuard should greatly increase the likelihood that it will be returned to you if it is somehow recovered. Obviously registered bikes have a much greater chance of being returned to owners when lost or stolen, and these registries are used as an aid by police stations in order to identify and return stolen bicycles. Often times recovered bicycles are never returned to their owners and are auctioned, stockpiled or destroyed. BikeGuard aims to change that.

How to get Bike Guard

Registering is easy enough, users simply create a free account at www.myassettag.comand enter the details about their bikes like the make, model, and they can even upload a photo. That creates a personal bicycle registration page that displays the owner’s contact information and all the details of the registered bike.

Lastly, you get up to three free BikeGuard asset tags that contain a quick response (QR) code that when scanned with any smartphone, will direct the user to the owner’s bike registration page. Voila! Now you just have to hope that whoever found your bike wants to do the right thing.. easier said than done. No?

Happy and Secured Biking….


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Mahesh ( MGIT ECE 4th year )