NASA has come up with a concept to make public aware of the fact that the International Space Station (ISS) can be easily spotted by public in the sky and have an outstanding experience. They say that the space station is clearly visible and appears to be bright enough to be seen.

Are you excited to know when and how is it possible to Spot the Space Station in your Area ? It is very simple all you need to do is logon to NASA site and get registered. You should fill in details of your location and Email ID…. thats it soo Simple, NASA will send you a mail when the Space Station appears to be seen in your location.


The ISS, which flies about 322 km above us, is usually best glimpsed either at dawn or  dusk. Next to the moon, it is the brightest object in the night sky. On a clear night, NASA says the space station can be seen as a point of light traveling at about the speed of a fast-moving airplane.

The space station’s size and brightness are about the same as the planet Venus.

After years of planning and negotiation, the ISS has become a truly international venture.  Sixteen nations participate in what NASA  calls the most technically and politically complex space exploration program  ever undertaken.

The unique partnership includes the space agencies of the United States, Russia, Europe, Japan and Canada, as well as  nations that are a part of the European Space Agency: France, Germany, Italy, Denmark, Sweden, Belgium, Netherlands, Spain, United Kingdom, Switzerland, and Norway

Procedure to Register

Logon to CLICK HERE and get registered…. Its So very easy…. After you see the Space Station do come back and post ur experiences….Thank you

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