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board a non-stop train !!!

Do you always struggle to reach the platform in time when catching a train? Then how about a platform which comes to your house before catching up with a non-stop high-speed locomotive?

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The iStethescope app for the iphone created by Peter Bentley,enables a user to hold the iPhone against their chest to monitor cardiac activity using the inbuilt microphone.Shaking the iPhone after that brings  up a graphic of the last eight seconds recorded,which  represents  their heart beat in the form of a waveform and can also be emailed to a doctor.

A researcher at Universtity College London,Peter says, “smartphones are capable of saving lives,saving money and improving health care in a dramatic fashion”.He also claims that in future thay could turn into “fully fledged integrated designs capable of taking ultra sound scanners or monitor  a patients blood pressure”.

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