Sony has launched its new smart phone Xperia S with features like NFC and Xperia Smart Tags to provide consumers with a unique smartphone experience.Another interesting technology used in Xperia S is float touch navigation system .. The 4.3-inch LCD display outguns older Xperias with a bright and contrasty 1280 x 720 resolution. The display on the handset is undeniably gorgeous. It’s a 4.3in TFT touchscreen, boasting a resolution of 1280×720 with 16 million colours .

Watching HD video or viewing photos on the Xperia S, you can really tell what a high-quality display this is, as the picture is sharp and bright. The speedy processor also makes video viewing and web browsing a pleasure, everything was quick to load and very smooth.

It offers a 12.1-megapixel camera with 16x digital zoom, facial recognition and auto focus. There are several shooting modes to choose from, including a 3D or normal panoramic image, allowing you to slowly pan around a scene and create extra wide shots. There’s also a 1.3-megapixel front-facing camera.

Sony has come up with some genuinely exciting stuff. The Xperia S integrates well with the Xperia SmartWatch, for example, sending notifications straight to your wrist over Bluetooth. Sony has found useful employment for NFC, bundling the Xperia S with two NFC SmartTags that you can use to automatically change your phone settings to suit different locations. You simply hold the tag against the handset to initialize it, and then choose various actions that will be triggered the next time the tag comes into contact. These settings aren’t flexible enough to make this very useful yet — there’s no airplane mode, you can’t disable data without disabling calls, and you can’t stack instructions on top of each other to achieve more sophisticated automation.

The Xperia has five home screens that you can scroll through. There’s a weather and settings screen, a social feed, a search page, a video and photos screen, and a media streaming page. Inside the phone, there’s a speedy 1.5GHz dual-core Qualcomm chip. The in-built storage should keep you going for a while, with 1GB RAM and 32GB embedded Flash memory. This device is very much aimed at users who want a good mobile gaming or movie-viewing experience.

The mobile OS is the older Gingerbread version, with an upgrade due in the second quarter to Android Ice Cream Sandwich. Being an Android phone, you get lots of pre-loaded Google apps, including Gmail and Google Talk and other standard features like the pull-down notifications bar with updates on latest emails, Google+ posts, text messages and other apps.The battery life is the only real drawback on this phone.


Like all recent smartphone touch displays the Xperia Sola has a capacitive display. Unlike resistive touch display, this technology does not require pressure from a finger or stylus to the display to record a touch event. Capacitive touch screens does not rely on pressure but it is affected by something conductive such as a human finger. Sony claims that the display sensor is able to detect a finger up to 20 mm from the surfaceRegardless of distance, the user will not have to touch the display surface for the phone to recognise a touch event. For the first time, it is now possible to use those glows on a smartphone with a capacitive display. Sony Mobile has developed the new technology in cooperation with Cypress.,,

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