Crime has been on the rise and it’s important to keep a track on your children, lest anything happens to them. SatGuide has launched Child Phone with Tracker in India to help you to keep a watch on your children when they are away.

Child Phone is a GPS receiver, which when activated helps parents keep a check on their children. In any sort of an emergency, a kid can contact his/her parents by pressing the SOS button in the middle. This sends out SMS messages to preconfigured numbers so that you take appropriate action. . This gadget works two ways it can track using the powerful GPS and when GPS signal is unavailable it can switch to GSM Cell Tower triangulation technologies.


Child Phone protection

A normal mobile phone for your child may be another option but it has its own disadvantages. The child may play around with the phone which may drain off the battery or can even accidentally switch it off, not to mention calling unwanted numbers. As far as GPS is concerned parents would in no way get a costly phone with all those features for their child.


Parents can build a “Geo Fence” which is a virtual fence like your residential area or the school and parents get a notification if their child has left that area. They can also call their kids discretely during an emergency and listen to what’s going around in their kid’s environment. Child Phone is small and has no display so it’s comfortable for kids to carry it and they don’t get distracted by it. Following are some other ways of using Child Phone:

  • Can be used almost instantaneously. GPS integrated, fast Time To First Fix (TTFF) to GPS satellites,
  • Parent can locate the kid at all times discretely on a map through a web login without disturbing the child.
  • You can also schedule, your child phone tracking at continuous & periodic times of your choice and get SMS & email alerts.
  • Fake power off feature, when configured, the device works even when the device is switched off.
  • Lost mobile feature, if the SIM is changed in this mobile, you would get an alert giving the details of the changed mobile number.

Child Phone Key Features

* Easy to use with a compact design

* Supports GSM Tri-Band frequency

* GPS through SatTracx service

* Geo Fence security

* Works indoors and even when GPS is unavailable

* Locate using Web or by calling the phone.


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Hari Hara Sravan( MGIT ECE 2nd year)