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The technological world of the 21st century owes a tremendous amount to advances in electrical engineering, specifically, the ability to finely control the flow of electrical charges using increasingly small and complicated circuits. And while those electrical advances continue to race ahead, researchers at the University of Pennsylvania are pushing circuitry forward in a different way, by replacing electricity with light.

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Remember the last time you got up in the middle of the night for a glass of water and stumbled over in the dark? We have all at some time got up and walked in the dark; whatever the purpose may be. And for some reason, we all make the same ‘mistake’ of not switching on the light. Or let’s just say that we are often unable to locate the switch in the dark. What do we do then? We use our sense of touch and stay closely to the wall as we try to find our way. In this entire route that we cover by feeling the wall, we may trip over something that was left lying on the floor and eventually hurt ourselves. The worst part is that we are still in the dark. Sounds quite pathetic but all of us have gone through such a situation.

With the coming of the Senzo Nightlight, such incidents will be a thing of the past.  What is Senzo? In the simplest of terms it is a nightlight. Delving a little deeper reveals that it is not just any nightlight. The designers have kept the ‘wall feeling’ habit of every individual in mind. This has led to the development of the touch sensitive light, named Senzo.It is  Soledal Clavell and Macros Media who created this wonderful nightlight that lights up the room when touching it.It can be mounted anywhere like bedrooms and corridors.. No need to find light just switch it.

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