Data Wiping is emerging as one of the most highly rated technologies in the field of Enterprise Level Storage. Let me take an example of a regular SATA hard disk which we use in our Home Desktops or Laptops, when we want to erase data we will directly format the hard disk so that the complete hard disk will become empty.
In some cases the hard disk itself crashes and we are bound to format it to use it again, but there are few Third party softwares which can be used to restore the data if the Disk crashes or even after the disk is completely formatted.This is beacuse of Data Remanence : Data remanence is the residual representation of data that remains even after attempts have been made to remove or erase the data.

Softwares like :

Undelete Plus
PC Inspector File Recovery
The Above softwares are available for free in the internet which can be used for WINDOWS environment.

For Enterprise Disks

The level of security required for Enterprise hard disks are way high than the normal hard disks. Many of the Financial organizations instead of reselling the Hard drives to the vendor back after their usage is over, they either keep it safe within the organization or they crush the Hard drives so that they cant be usable again.This is a heavy loss to the organization.

 The reason why they do this is because the drives contain very valuable data ( Which had been backed up to some other disks before replacement ) which if reaches any wrong hands would create the following consequences:
a) Customers will loose faith in the Organization
b) The valuable information may be misused ( especially for Finance Companies like FT which contain info regarding the account numbers, customers Private documents etc., )

The Solution

 To overcome the above problem, a technology called DATA WIPING has been in the picture since quite a few months and gaining popularity in the Mid Size and High Level organizations.

Data Wiping :

Data wiping is the process of logically removing data from a read/write medium so that it can no longer be read. Performed externally by physically connecting storage media to a hardware bulk-wiping device, or internally by booting a PC from a CD or network, it is a nondestructive process that enables the medium to be safely reused without loss of storage capacity or leakage of data.
Using Data Wiping we can securely remove the complete data from the disks and can be used or reselled back to the vendor or can be given in exchange to buy a new disk.
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