Google Fiber is a project which uses fiber optic communication for broad band network and which offers an amazing speed of 1000 Mbps,almost 100 times faster than todays broad band speed. Google Fiber is both your Internet and TV.It brings together your devices and gives you the freedom to search ,record and save shows.

As many as 500 shows can be stored in full 1080p HD, and several TVs within the home can tune in at the same time.Not surprisingly, there’s also a major mobile component taking advantage of that 1Gbps fiber link, as users will have the option of browsing, sharing and eventually watching live TV directly from tablet apps. The company is also promising an ever-evolving service that includes Google+ video hangouts.

Google said customers who subscribe to the ultra-high speed web connection will no longer need to wait for videos to buffer or websites to load. They will be able to share large files instantaneously and take advantage of advancements in online education and health care that will require the fastest Internet speeds. The overall service will come with 1TB of Google Drive space, although it’s expensive to get started: there’s a $300 “construction fee” (currently being waived) to wire a home for the fiber optics. Google Fiber,” is currently available only to residents of Kansas City, Mo., and Kansas City, Kan., which beat more than 1,100 cities in a competition to be the first to receive Google’s new broadband network.

Google says its high-speed Internet service will cost residents $70 a month or $120 a month for a broadband and TV package, which comes with a Nexus 7 tablet that is used as a TV remote. Even if you don’t want blazing download speeds and a cool tablet for a remote control, you can still get Google Fiber’s basic five-megabit service for $0 per month. Granted, you’ll need to put down a $300 construction free, but after that your Internet connection will be guaranteed free for the next seven years.

It’s not just TV.It’s not just Internet.Its Google Fiber.,,,

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