We basically use a pen for writing, but the advancements in technology has taken it to an next level where pens can be used to scan and convert the written data into Digital format.

These pens can also be used to translate from one language to the other, many of the organisations are now providing these pens with a cost of $ 60 to $ 90.

Pen translators are mainly useful if we dont know a particular language in which the book is written and we want to read it, this device translates into our known language.


Anyone who wishes to learn a foreign language must constantly learn vocabulary and practice speech. Therefore a good dictionary is a must-have. For those learning Hebrew there are a wide variety of traditional dictionaries and electronic ones available on the market. Electronic dictionaries have been widely used in the past decade. They provide a convenient and an immediate solution for any translation need. Here we are happy to introduce a relatively new translation appliance from any language to another – a pen scanner.

 What is a pen scanner?

A pen scanner is an advanced form of an electronic dictionary and includes several features that do not exist in most electronic dictionaries. This handheld device includes optic technology that allows it to “see” and “recognize” language. The pen scanner is simply held above the text: the data is processed right away and within seconds the word is translated into the English. It can be “read through” magazines, newspapers, books any other form of printed text.


The Quicktionary is able to distinguish over 300,000 words in Hebrew and English. In addition, unlike a traditional dictionary in Hebrew, this device can translate Hebrew idioms and common phrases that cannot be translated literally. This device is meant to serve English speakers who want to learn Hebrew. However beside Hebrew into English translation, this pen scanner is able to translate from English into Hebrew, Arabic, Russian and French.

In Addition to its scanning option, the device includes a virtual keyboard that allows the insertion of words that are not printed. If the Hebrew learner comes across a sign in the street or on a billboard, he or she can insert the unfamiliar word in the same way as in a regular electronic dictionary (comes with an auto complete function). This feature can come in handy for any English speaker, a tourist or a newcomer, who travels in Hebrew speaking areas.

Few of the Organisations which sell these pens are : http://www.quick-pen.com, Ectaco pen etc.,

courtesy:www.omniglot.com, http://www.quick-pen.com

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