▶ Many will lose Internet on July 9th due to a Malware Called DNSChanger.

▶ Check if you are one among them.

▶ If your computer is affected, immediately rectify it with tools availabe at the end of this article.

The Internet could go dark for millions of users worldwide on July 9th because of a malware that has corrupted computers in more than 100 countries. In fact, it is estimated that 69,000 in USA alone infected.

If Federal Bureau of Investigation(FBI) will go ahead with its plans to switch off servers that were put in place instead of the rogue servers then its all over.

Do not panic now as we have come up with a possible solution to avoid blackout on July 9th in this article today.

Well let me explain you the complete story of the “Internet Shutdown on July 9”.

At first lets start with the basics and know what is a DNS server, DNSChanger and other basics. Then I will let you know the solution – a DNSChanger Removal Tool.

What is a DNS Server?

DNS server which stands for Domain Name System server is a free Internet service which coverts the domain name to the actual IP address.

For eg. when you type http://google.com on your browser, it is converted in to its respective IP address by a DNS server.

Since it becomes difficult for the users to remember the IP addresses of all websites, we use a name and the DNS server converts the name into the IP address for us.

In brief, DNS Servers are a critical component of your computer’s operating environment without them, you would not be able to access websites, send e-mail, or use any other Internet services.

What is a DNSChanger?

The DNSChanger is a Malware that enters any computer when the user downloads it unknowingly from some porn or other rogue websites.

It replaces the existing original DNS servers settings on the users computer with fraudulent servers operated by the criminals.

As a result, the user is unknowingly redirected to websites that distributed fraudulent software or displayed ads that put money into the bad guys’ pockets.

The malware was first discovered around 2007, and since then it has infected millions of computers.

Why is this malware damn Dangerous?

1>> Once DNSChanger enters your system, it will disable the antivirus or any other security software running on it.

2>> Also, it will not allow the user to visit any security websites.

In such a scenario it becomes really difficult to get it out of the PC.

If it is not removed, then no Internet.

Can you even Imagine life without Internet ?

Enter FBI..

Last year, the FBI uncovered a network of rogue DNS servers and also arrested 6 men who had allegedly involved in making the Malware.

The FBI later stepped up by replacing the rogue servers with servers of their own in an attempt to remediate the damage, but the fix was only temporary.

Now the FBI is expected to end use of those replacement servers in July, at that point, the Internet for millions could essentially be over.

Don’t worry if your computer is affected, you have as many as half of the Fortune 500 companies, as well as two dozen government entities that are affected too.

How to know if your Computer is affected?

Visit this website : www.dns-ok.us.

When I visited the website, this is how it looked.


Just download this DNSChanger Removal Tool from Avira and run it. It will tell you if your computer is affected or not.

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