Hello friends!

As 3G now is completely evolved,many people belonging to the younger generation try to upgrade their mobile phones every time. But, they miss out some hidden rather masked features tagged to the phone specifications.

The first comes is the “Native 3G video Call”, means video call through the network provider(not through internet).

Many phones under Rs. 20000/- range are equipped with the front facing camera(also called secondary camera).But many(almost all) of them don’t support 3G video call.

Specifically, all Sony Ericsson models with front facing camera on ANDROID operating system are not supporting the 3G video calling facility.But, one call install third party apps like Skype to make the video conference through GPRS/EDGE/HSPA connectivity.

If anyone really looking for 3G video call feature must go with a Tablet PC or try and research for a model like Samsung Omnia W I8350     But, be aware that this is a Windows phone which lacks many features like Adobe flash etc supported by Android.

What I think is Sony Ericsson is making customers feel bad with not providing with 3G video call feature.Where as Samsung is providing the same feature everywhere when it is giving front camera option(like Galaxy S,Galaxy S2,Omnia etc.).

So,what I think is when Samsung can provide 3G video call facility by patching the Android OS, why can’t a Japan based Sony Ericsson? Even though companies like LG, HTC etc are not providing the same.

So,what I want to conclude is when buying a high end(rather high cost) phone go through the features list completely and verify them through internet.

Hope this article help newbies going for their first smartphone who are in a hurry expecting unprovided features.


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