Smart Tags are becoming famous now a days, especially with the introduction of low range wireless technologies like NFC ( Near Field Communication ) this technology has a bright future….

Many of the companies like SONY, BLACKBERRY have already introduced Smart Tags into the Market….

Wireless Smart Tags allow monitoring from your PC/Smartphones open/closed status of each gate/window/door (and garage door) in your home. You can configure each Tag to beep, make your PC beep, or send yourself email notifications, when the door was just opened or has been open for too long. Attach/detach each tag to door/window by strapping elastic band, require no tools, and is done in 30 seconds.

You can also attach Wireless Smart Tags to valuable or easy to lose items in your house and locate them through beeping sound by using your PC or Smartphones. You can configure the system to send you email notifications when each attached item has been touched or moved from their original locations.

Various Applications of Smart Tags

Find Anything You Need Instantly

Wireless Smart Tag system allows you to locate items you need instantly through beeping sound. No problem when you do not have time or enough space to keep everything perfectly organized. Just like your garage. Strap the Wireless Smart Tag to each important items and never have to turn every stone in your garage to find them.

Monitor If Your Door is Open or Closed From Anywhere

When configured in “Door/window monitor mode”, the Motion Sensor Smart Tags can be attached to garage doors or front doors to allow monitoring from Tag Manager or if the door is open or closed. This is accomplished behind the scene by calculating the 3D degree difference of the present orientation vector with the orientation vector when the Tag was last armed. When this degree difference is larger than a configurable amount (such as 45 degree) the garage door is deemed opened, when the difference returns to within that amount, it is deemed closed.

Keep Track of Your Inventory

Conventional warehouse relies on barcodes to keep track of inventory. It is a labor intensive process to locate and scan each item when they are moved in or out of the warehouse. By taking advantage of Wireless Smart Tag System, the operator can keep track of the inventory from a Windows PC located inside the warehouse or using a smart phone / tablet PC with Internet access.


Do you find yourself repeating certain actions on your phone each day? Setting an alarm, opening an application, changing the volume settings? If so, then the Sony SmartTags will make those small, time consuming repetitive tasks easier then ever.

Simply swipe a compatible NFC enabled phone past the programmed Near Field Communication (NFC) SmartTag and the configuration of the phone changes accordingly.

Have as many tags as you want for different locations, or tasks. Pop one by the bed, one by the front door, one in the car, one on your office desk and maybe even one at a friend’s house, whatever suits you!

Swipe your phone past each one for different actions to be performed on your device.

The one by your bed may set your alarm and silence the ringtone and turn off email updates, whilst the one in your car may launch the GPS application and the music player.

It may sound like an over complicated solution when it may take you only a minute to change the settings each time anyhow. But if you can save yourself time, then why not.

Each tag weights 2.2g and meathers 28mm wide by 3.2mm thick.

So go and grab a Smart Tag for your own needs….

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