Many of us are suffering of unreasonable petrol hikes, which is expected to hit 100 rs per litre till the end of 2012…. so scientists are looking out for alternatives to save us out of this trouble situations.

Many of the researches  are going on Electric Powered Vehicles and also vehicles which run on Hydrogen Gas. Audi – renowned company for its  design style, quality and uniqueness has once again proved its exuberance by making an E-BIKE which runs at 80kmph ( which is truly remarkable because many of the E-bikes have a max stable speed of 50kmph )….

Lets know more about it….


“When developing the Audi e-bike Worthersee we drew on motor racing design principles for inspiration. The e-bike appears incredibly precise, highly emotional and strictly functional. Indeed, the design effort focused on its function as a sports machine. All design elements are thus firmly aligned to the technical features”, ,” added Hendrik Schaefers, one of the designers at Concept Design Studio Munich. The bike looks dynamic and is fully visible at its first look.

The frame of the bike is very light in weight, boasts a low center of gravity and is very compact, hence, making it the sporty bicycle. The bicycle has lithium-ion battery which has been is incorporated into the frame which require your 2.5 hours to charge fully. While going for a long ride, you need to follow just few steps to remove the battery and replace it with a charged one.


Material of the Frame

The frame of the bicycle is made of carbon fiber- reinforced polymer (CFRP), the material which has been used for the 26 inches wheels, which feature an innovative “Audi ultra blade” design with broad flat spokes for an optimized transmission of pedal power.
“We were able to demonstrate with the choice of materials just how closely design goes hand in hand with expertise in ultra lightweight construction,” Hendrik Schaefers comments.

Seat Adjustments

Around the frame there are LED light strips which create the immediately recognizable Audi light signature. Seats are comfortable and adjustable according to the need and for stunts. You just need to press the button, the seat then rises up and you can adjust a comfortable position.

Internet and other functions

There are other functions like cycling modes, trail drive, internet and other functions can be set using the touchscreen on-bike screen.

Cycling Modes

The cyclist can choose between a total of five cycling modes: pure muscle power, the electric motor alone, or pedaling supported by the electric motor. In the “Pure” mode, the cyclist pedals the bicycle with his legs, while in “Pedelec” mode the cyclist is supported by the electric motor that then makes speeds of up to 80 kilometer per hour.

Other Specs

If you select “eGrip”, the Audi e-bicycle Worthersee runs completely on the electric motor and can attain a top speed of 50 kilometer per hour. The bicycle delivers the maximum torque of 250 Nm and generates a maximum output of 2.3 kW. The weight of the bicycle, excluding electrical components is 11 kg.



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