First things first, SPB Shell 3D looks amazing. If you want to tinker until you can’t tinker anymore, then this will be right up your street! This homescreen replacement will also appeal to Android enthusiasts who would probably call this the Symbian equivalent of Launcher Pro.

At the bottom of the screen there is a universal dock with five icons; the first, second, and fourth are for application shortcuts. Simply tapping and holding brings up an app grid so you can choose the application you want for each. The third dock icon brings up a three dimensional preview of all your homescreens. They are presented in a carousel which you can spin around to the homescreen you want. As an alternative, that third icon can be used as a slider to control the rotation with more precision.

While viewing the preview carousel, tapping the lower-right icon takes you to the homescreen organiser. This allows you to rename and rearrange the current homescreens. You can remove any of them by simply pulling them downward. Then they appear to go flat as if being placed on a desk. There are always spare homescreens on this invisible desk area which you can swipe upward to add to the set of active homescreens.

Other 3D powered widgets include World TimeGallery and SMS. The World Time clock allows you to set three time zones. Tap on the world icon though, and a 3D globe springs out of the screen with labels for each of your three locations! The SMS widget links to the Messaging application when tapped on the right. Tap on the left, however, and a 3D scrolling list of message previews comes forth. The Gallery widget gives you a 3D effect while swiping through photos. I found this view caused SPB Shell 3D to crash so it’s probably best avoided.

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