Samsung Electronics unveiled a new top-of-the-range Galaxy smartphone in London, updating the most direct rival to Apple’s iPhone with a larger touch screen and more powerful processor. The South Korean technology group said the new Galaxy SIII model would go on sale in some markets in late May and around the world from June. “The Galaxy S is more like a good friend that listens to you and responds quickly,”.


The Samsung Galaxy S3 is, according to Samsung anyway, ‘inspired by nature – it sees, listens, responds, and allows you to share the greatest moments’.

While this is all a little hyperbolic, the nature theme is certainly present when you handle the phone for the first time. Brushed plastic – you’ve got a choice of ‘Marble White’ and ‘Pebble Blue’ – adorns the large device, which runs in with dimensions of 136.6 x 70.6 x 8.6mm, despite still having to pack in a 4.8-inch Super AMOLED HD screen.


The Samsung Galaxy S3 camera is ‘only’ 8MP, which is bound to bring forth ire from users that always want a big step change in a sequel.

From a blindingly bright flash to a backside illuminated sensor, our quick snaps came out crisply and clearly – and when we say quick, we mean it.

To put it into real numbers: you can take three photos manually per second, or 20 in a row (at six per second) in burst mode.

The facial recognition mode allows you to zoom in on any mug without a hitch – a double tap is all it takes to make sure that person is the focus of the photo, although the digital noise is hiked up quite a bit.

You also get a 1.2MP camera on the front of the phone for some decent personal snaps – plus you can also get 720p video recording.

S Voice

The new smartphone features ‘S Voice’, a voice command option to listen and respond to users’ words. The option can be used to go off users’ phone alarm, turn volume up, send text messages, organize schedules, and automatically launch the camera and capture a photo.

Additional Features

Smart Stay

The ‘Smart stay’ is an eye sensor system that prevents the phone from dimming. It recognizes how users are using their phone by having the front camera identify your eyes.

Pop up Play

‘Pop up play’ lets the user watch a video while surfing the Web or answering email. The video simply becomes a small box that overlays on any other apps that are running, like picture-in-picture on a TV.

Direct Call

In addition, the Galaxy S3 can understand users’ motions. If users are messaging someone but decide to call them instead, users can simply lift their phone to their ear and ‘Direct call’ option will dial their number.


The Exynos 4 Quad, based on British chip designer ARM Holdings Cortex A9 technology, enables more tasks in a shorter period of time – for example streaming video can run on one core while the other cores update applications, connect to the web and scan virus-check, simultaneously.

Yes, definitely GALAXY S III is a dream phone for everyone…. For me tooo…. 


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