Its time to play your favourite youtube videos on your display through your phone.Select what videos to play, search, browser, start, stop, and add them to your favorites.Put simply, Clik can turn your phone into a remote control for any screen with a browser.

Put simply, Clik can turn your phone into a remote control for any screen with a browser.

You point your desktop browser, which generates a unique QR code. Then you open the Clik iPhone or Android app, aim the camera at the screen, and the app uses the code to figure out which device you’re trying to control. Once it’s synced up, you can select YouTube videos from your phone, and they’ll play on the screen.

The idea of turning a smartphone into a remote control isn’t new, but using Clik, the process of syncing up a phone to a screen is a ridiculously fast and easy, and it requires no extra hardware.

The mention of QR codes raises a warning flag: a fiddly additional step that, over time, will surely become redundant as it becomes easier to make a smartphone and a connected TV play nice together.

Even so, there’s something in the idea of a neutral app that doesn’t require specific hardware – an Apple TV set-top box in the case of Apple’s AirPlay Mirroring for example.

Clik is tapping into an interesting trend though: a step on from the second-screen idea of doing one thing on your smartphone or tablet and watching another on your TV. This is about controlling your TV with the mobile device. One of Clik’s investors, Union Square Ventures partner Fred Wilson, is banging the drum for this idea.

Meanwhile, iOS games developers like Firemint have been getting their teeth into the AirPlay feature, and how it might be used to make an iPhone the controller for a game played on the big screen – see its Real Racing 2 for the best example of this in action so far.

Also look at what connected hi-fis company Sonos has been doing with its apps, which make the smartphone or tablet the remote controller not just for its devices, but for the various streaming music services (Spotify, Rhapsody and the rest) that flow through them. Apple’s AirPlay itself is turning the iOS Music app into a remote control for compatible speakers and devices too.

For now, you need an Internet browser for Clik to work, which rules out most TVs. Livingston said he’s currently targeting college students, who consume most of their media on computers anyway. In the long-term, however, it sounds like he has a plan for getting onto TVs too — in fact, he argues that this is a better approach to creating Internet-connected “smart” TVs. Rather than trying to build and push entirely new devices onto the market, Livingston says that with Clik, “Every screen just becomes a dumb output for your smart remote.”

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