The first Google Doodle was in honor of the Burning Man Festival of 1998. The doodle was designed by Larry Page and Sergey Brin to notify users of their absence in case the servers crashed. Subsequent Google Doodles were designed by an outside contractor, until Larry and Sergey asked then-intern Dennis Hwang to design a logo for Bastille Day in 2000. Hwang has been designing the Google Doodles ever since. Clicking on a Google Doodle links to a string of Google search results about the topic, which can drive a lot of traffic to unsuspecting sites.

Google Doodle is a Google Logo designed with graphics or any other web technology to remember a particular day or to give tribute to a famous personality by Displaying the logo on the homepage.

Google Doodles are trends now a days,trends means Google celebrated special occasions like birthdays of famous people who did something remarkable in history,festivals,invention days,formation of a certain thing etc.Google celebrates with Google Doodle.

Google Doodles are always remarkable and noticeable,but recently Google Doodle used to remember birthday of Les Paul was amazing and one of the best Doodle ever.You might not have missed it because its on Google Homepage and everyone do check daily another amazing thing is its showing off on the second day too.,,

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