Microsoft touch mouse is a touch pointer device designed for windows7. It combines virtues of high precision mouse with the rich language of multi touch gestures to create the idea input device for windows7. With Microsoft touch mouse one can comfortably do everything on the typical moves like left and right click. In addition by sliding the finger on the top surface people can manage individual documents or pages to scroll in any direction one can also flick the finger to scroll down or adjacent. One can use their thumb to move back and forward through documents or web pages in a browser. One can use two fingers gestures to manage windows for example one can maximize or minimize windows or snap them side by side for easy comparison. With three fingers people can manage whole desktop by switching between different tasks or clearing all open windows with these multi touch gestures Microsoft touch mouse brings windows7 features at your finger tips.

It’s August, and that can only mean three things: vacations, back to school shopping, and another UIST Student Innovation Contest. Taking center stage this year is Microsoft’s Touch mouse — a multitouch gesture-based peripheral that we first saw earlier this year. UIST contestants will have to come up with cool new ways to interact with the mouse, with the winning innovator receiving $1500, and $500 going to the runner-up (trophies are apparently involved, as well). All entries will be demoed on October 17th in Santa Barbara, and the winners will be announced on the following day. Hit the source link for information on registration, or squeeze past the break for a video from UIST chair Kayur Patel, along with a clip on the Touch Mouse.


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Jyothsna ( MGIT ECE 4th year)

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