This Era is surely gonna make us amazed by the flexibility and the reliabilityto be involved in the design of Electronic Gadgets….As we know that Apple is trying to include a transparent Display for IPHONE 5 , many of the Multinational Brands has put its R & D into developing transparent Screen Technology….

Samsung is one brand which urges to release a transparent display product rather before than any other brand….

Plastic Electronics reports that Samsung Electronics will release products using its clear active matrix OLED displays within the next 12 months. Samsung displayed prototypes using the clear AMOLEDs during CES 2010 back in January. However this is the first indication that the models on display will actually head to retail any time soon.

As we saw during the show, the laptop sporting Samsung’s clear AMOLED allowed the user to see objects placed behind the screen while still offering sharp, bright images on the display. While the actual technology was quite impressive, the ability to see movement through the AMOLED screen looked to be somewhat distracting.

Plastic Electronics said that the first device to go commercial using the tech will be Samsung’s IceTouch MP3 player (YP-H1). This device is a portable all-in-one that plays music, DVDs, tunes in FM radio stations, and more. The estimated price will be around $328 USD when it finally hits the market.

The product showcased by the company is a laptop whose specifications haven’t exactly been paid much attention to. In fact, what the product is notable for is its futuristic OLED screen, whose more obvious trait is its transparency. The laptop’s display has a transparency that can go as high as 40%, compared with other ‘see-through’ screens whose maximum is of 25%.

It will be interesting to see if and how the screen will be capable of “switching off” the transparency, as end-users may not always want to see directly through it when playing media, reading documents or even playing games. Of course, the technology is still in the beginning stages, so high-end machines designed with similar screens are likely not set to emerge in the near future, especially considering the rather low resolution that the device currently seems to support.

“We have a lab in Korea that is currently working on developing a laptop with partially-transparent screen,” Sullivan said. “Soon, I imagine that all Samsung’s audio-visual products will feature this technology. We want to be the first in this market.

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