Face book like button is one of the reasons for which it is an immense hit. The real like of anything cannot be shown through words some time. For that, this like button is a perfect answer showing we like a particular thing. Now the web giant Google is all set to launch its +1 button which is almost similar to face book’s like button. The new feature can come live within next few days according to the rumors on the internet.    


The +1 button is shorthand for “this is pretty cool” or “you should check this out.”

Click +1 to publicly give something your stamp of approval. Your +1’s can help friends, contacts, and others on the web find the best stuff when they search.

The company has already launched a video that talks about this +1 button. This button helps users to share articles to their friends on the internet, rather than sharing it on social sites. It was also known that the button will not have counters like other social buttons but will be available in different shapes and sizes. If you are webmaster, then you can also analyze the statistics of your page using analytics suite that looks very similar to Google analytics.


This +1 may be used to increase to rate a particular website according to the view of a client. If he really likes a website for some search and if he wanted to recommend it to his friends or any one who is need of precise information on the search thing, then this +1 matters a lot for them. This may increase the Google ranking’s also according to some analyst’s. And more the number of +1’s to the website increases the fame of that website which is quite obvious.

Sometimes it’s easier to find exactly what you’re looking for when someone you know already found it. Get recommendations for the things that interest you, right when you want them, in your search results.Cool right…

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