It’s been a while since we last heard about nano generators — you know, those insanely tiny fibers that could potentially be woven into your hoodie to juice up your smartphone. Dr. Zhong Lin Wang of the Georgia Institute of Technology has reported that he and his team of Einsteins constructed nanogenerators with enough energy to potentially power LCDs, LEDs and laser diodes by moving your various limbs. These micro-powerhouses — 1 / 500 the width of a single hair strand — are embedded with piezoelectric zinc oxide atoms and can generate electrical charges when flexed or strained.

Wang and his team of researchers shoved a collection of their nanogenerators into a chip 1 / 4 the size of a stamp, stacked five of them on top of one another and can pinch the stack between their fingers to generate the output of two standard AA batteries — around 1.5 volts. Although it’s not much, we’re super excited at this point in development — imagine how convenient to charge your phone in your pocket sans the bulky battery add-ons.


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Mahesh (MGIT- ECE 3rd year)


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