It’s well known that advertisers track our web-surfing habits to tailor the ads we see, but they’d prefer to know exactly what’s going on inside of that brain of yours. NeuroFocus’ aptly named Mynd, a full-brain wireless EEG sensor headset, serves as a stylish and easy way to record your thoughts whilst gazing at logos and lusting after products. In addition to neuromarketing applications, the European Tools for Brain-Computer Interaction consortium (TOBI) see it as a tool to help develop new technology for those with neurological disabilities. Sporting looks straight off the Game Grid, the Mynd is made of medical-grade EEG sensors to capture brain activity 2,000 times per second and a Bluetooth radio to shoot your thoughts to the smartphone, tablet, or PC of your choice. The wireless bit represents a huge upgrade over traditional EEG caps because it makes the headset’s mind-reading powers available in shopping malls and living rooms instead of just hospitals.

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Mahesh (MGIT ECE 3rd yr)


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