Folks  at EZair recognized the changing entertainment viewing landscape and are continuously developing products to fill in the gaps and be ahead of innovation! The Internet and computers have become a tremendous entertainment resources and EZAir have strived to create easy to use, plug-and-play solutions so that users can enjoy crystal clear HD audio and video content from their laptop or PC to TV, projector or audio surround system – without having to deal with multiple complex wiring, cable length limitations and data transmission failure. Quickly and easily!

EZAir plans to change forever the way many people watch TV

By redefining the interaction of the laptop and the TV, this exciting global brand brings together the leading components of the industry: CONTENT-TECHNOLOGY-SERVICE, into the ultimate winning formula for the consumer.

EZAIR products, for home and office alike, are USB wireless adapters that allow users to stream Users simply plug them in, follow the quick one-time set-up instructions and enjoy a revolutionary wireless entertainment experience in no time!


Backed by Wisair’s worldwide leading wireless USB UWB (Ultra Wide Band) technology, EZAir products are truly ‘No cables! No hassles!’ and meet no limits in content streaming from any PC/Laptop to any large screen, HD TV or projector; up to Full HD 1080p video and 5.1 surround sound. Wisair’s solutions offer the best combination of performance, price, and power consumption for applications such as Wireless Laptop to TV, Wireless Laptop Docking, Wireless Audio streaming and more.


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