Have you Ever Thought beyond a wireless Mouse ???Then Here is the one The  Mouseless!!Developed by Pranav Mistry , The designer, working in the Fluid Interfaces Group at MIT’s Media Lab.

The Evolution


The Mouseless keeps the intuitive physical action of a two-button mouse that we’ve all become so accustomed to, but gets rid of the mouse. It uses an infrared laser beam and infrared camera, both of which are embedded in the computer, to track hand movement. The user positions his hand and taps his fingers in much the same way that he would if a physical mouse were present.


The prototype Mouseless was built for around $20, so there very well could be a future for this technology. And with a cost that low, manufacturers might one day be able to include one on each side of a laptop, allowing both lefties and righties to intuitively – and mouselessly – control their computers

Above are some of  the actions of hand to use the mouseless to perform required functions.


Rohan Bharadwaj

CSE-3/4, C.B.I.T


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