As everyone knows this is the era of touch screen mobile phones……..but its very hard to protect our mobile screen from scratches. So now-a-days Gorilla Glass screen is being used because of its completely scratch resistant and dust repellent property….

Corning Gorilla Glass’s unique combination of beauty and toughness is creating exciting new possibilities for electronic devices.

Gorilla Glass features exceptional damage resistance to the scratches, drops, and bumps of everyday use. It’s thin, cool to the touch, and cleans easily – making it the perfect solution for sleek, seamless designs. And it’s sensitive enough to enable today’s most sophisticated touch applications.

Gorilla Glass is RF compatible, and its outstanding optical clarity makes it ideal for HD and 3-D television.



Corning® Gorilla® Glass provides exceptional performance and protection, with distinct advantages over other materials.

Damage resistance: Gorilla Glass is chemically strengthened through an ion-exchange process that creates a deep compression layer on the surface of the glass substrate. This layer acts as “armor” to reduce the introduction of flaws by end users.

Thinner form factor: Depending on application and manufacturer specifications, Gorilla Glass can be produced in thicknesses ranging from 0.5 mm to 2 mm. Even at 0.5 mm, Gorilla Glass retains a performance advantage over other cover materials.

Unparalleled surface quality: Corning’s proprietary fusion process gives Gorilla Glass the same superior surface as all of our high-technology display substrates. This extraordinarily precise, highly automated process produces glass with exceptionally clean, smooth, flat surfaces and outstanding optical clarity.

Compliance with environmental standards: Gorilla Glass is compliant with the Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive (RoHS).

Compatibility with touch screens: Gorilla Glass is an ideal cover sheet for touch screens. It’s tough enough to handle the surface pressures intrinsic to these devices, and exceptionally thin to enable more sensitive and accurate responses.

Easy-to-clean, wear-resistant coating: Customers can request Gorilla Glass with a special coating, making it easier to clean than other cover glasses – a perfect feature for touch devices.



For Smartphones

Visually stunning, incredibly tough Gorilla Glass enables today’s sleekest smartphone designs, while providing exceptional damage resistance to the drops, bumps, and scrapes of everyday use.


For Slates/Tablets
Slates and tablets are one of the fastest-growing segments ever in consumer electronics. This exciting trend combines the portability of cell phones with the sophisticated capability of a PC, in a streamlined device.


For Television
Gorilla Glass is literally changing the face of television. Remarkably thin and lightweight, Gorilla Glass allows set manufacturers to design slim, sleek LCD TVs with seamless full-glass fronts.

The superior optical clarity of Gorilla Glass helps deliver on the promise of high definition and 3-D technologies. And Gorilla Glass features exceptional durability to handle those moments when viewing unintentionally becomes a contact sport.



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