3G is the next generation of mobile communications systems. The 3rd Generation telecom network from airtel gives you the power of higher speeds to enjoy multimedia services , high speed mobile broadband and internet access with the ability to view videos on your mobile handset. With a 3G phone and access to the 3G network you can make video calls, watch live TV, access high speed internet and enjoy live streaming at never before speeds.


3G and you – one fast, thrilling ride!

3G network gives you the power to do what you thought was unimaginable. Strap yourself in, for we’re talking serious speeds here. Speeds that you never imagined before.

3G provides accelerated data speeds and simultaneous voice and data capabilities for an amazing wireless voice and data experience.

connect to family and friends – face-to-face video calling. In real time!

connect to the internet with superfast page loading times

download and upload large files at blazing fast speeds

get your entertainment on the go – real time streaming music and videos

send and receive mails with large attachments

download and play interactive 3D games

Running on technology called High Speed Downlink Packet Access (HSPA), 3G networks can send data many times faster than the rates of earlier 2G networks, which means that in addition to audio, graphics and text, 3G customers can also send and receive video content in 3G coverage areas.

What kind of speeds you can expect?

3G technology supports really fast data download speeds. However, download speeds are dependent on the type of service and the application you access, mobile device, network capacity and location.

Things you need to know :


For mobile to mobile video calling, both you and the person you are video calling must have a 3G compatible phone and be in the coverage area of the respective 3G network.

These are average speeds. Upload speeds will be slower. Actual user speeds will vary depending on a variety of factors, including user location, network capacity, mobile device, transmission direction and external constraints (including, without limitation, the application in use).

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