Hey people messed up with charging your mobile devices using a wired charger??? Want to know about some technology which make this thing much simpler & easier…….then here is the WIRELESS CHARGING technology waiting for “U”…..!!!!


WildCharge Inc developed a revolution product WildCharge, which allows transmission of power without wires.
WildCharge has won the International Consumer Electronics Show 2008 Best of Innovations Award in the Portable Power Category and TIME Magazine’s Best Inventions of the Year for 2007.


The WildCharge device work with the help of a Pad and a device specific adapter.

When the pad is plugged in to a wall socket, power is transmitted from the pad’s surface to electric contacts on device’s adapters. WildCharge claims this power transmission is 100% efficient and environmental friendly. Another interesting thing is one pad can transmit power to 5 adapters at the same time.

The pad is available at a price tag of 60$ and device specific adapters for different mobile phones and other electronic gadgets are available at price tags varying from 30$-40$.

PowerMat Wireless Charging Unit:


Our homes are covered in wires. Behind our bookshelves, under our desks, cords and cables are everywhere. We use so many things on a daily basis that require power, and for every one of them, there is a wire giving it the juice it needs to function. Everyone who owns even a small number of electronics has, at one time or another, thought in their minds “if only they could invent wireless electricity.”


The PowerMat is one of the most talked-about gadgets to hit shelves this fall. A wireless charging mat, the general concept of the mat is simple: place your electronic device on the mat, and it will charge. It is, in effect, trying to invent wireless electricity.


The idea of the PowerMat is pure sci-fi when you first hear about what it can do. While it’s true that you can drop your electronic device on the mat and have it start charging wirelessly!!!!

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Shiva Chaitanya(ECE 2/4) MGIT