Looking for a little zip in your next portable hard drive? Look no further than Super Talent’s latest, the svelte USB 3.0 Storage Pod. As you’ve likely pieced together by now, that ultraslim black box above contains a 500GB hard drive and the appropriate circuitry to transfer files using SuperSpeed USB or right around ten times faster than USB 2.0….

It’s completely bus-powered, too, so don’t bother packing an AC adapter. The company claims that it’ll pass along files at up to 90MB/sec (vid’s after the break as proof), and if you’re already sold, you can fetch one yourself next month….

It uses 3 times  the power of USB 2.0 and 10 times the bandwidth of USB 2.0. It does not require longer backups and is as fast or faster than our internal HDD( hard disk drive ). There is no drives to install, no power adapters to carry. We can store anything without compromise and the price is also low that is starting from $99 only….

Watch this video….