Our World is the most beautiful thing in the whole universe as well as weird…beautiful by the nature and weird by the people…this nature u see is the most friendliest with human…how many times we harm it., it still smiles at us and does only good to us… until now we have harmed it more than enough…now its our time to keep this beauty ever GREEN…

Coming straight to the topic…By reducing the usage of fossil fuels we can lend our hand in saving the planet…such a cause can be done beautifully by eco friendly cars…Driving an eco-friendly car is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint…In addition to increased fuel economy, an eco-friendly car also has lower emissions on the miles that are driven…the greatest step in the modeling of these cars are evolution of hybrid cars….


Hybrid cars

These are all very efficient and although more expensive than a conventional car, they have proved to be of great benefit to the environment due to their reduced emissions into the atmosphere.

A hybrid car can be defined as an environmentally friendly car which is propelled by a finely tuned gasoline or diesel engine in combination with an electric drive which is used in city or in slow moving traffic….

Hybrid cars role in saving the environment

1. Reduces ozone on Ground Level

When we are stuck in traffic, most of us keep our vehicle in neutral state instead of turning it off. It causes serious effect of producing smog more. In which the main component is ground level ozone, which is formed by car exhaust emissions of carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide, sulphur dioxide and micro dust particulates.

This ozone causes respiratory problems especially to children and elderly. If this ground level ozone diffused to rural areas it may damage agriculture and eating such damaged food results in fatal diseases.

Hybrid cars drastically reduce the exhaust emissions which cause the low level ozone in our cities, up to 90% less emission of that from conventional cars. They achieve this by the almost exclusive use of the electric (battery) drive motor in city driving, which emits no noxious fumes….

2. Reduction of co2 emission :

Gasoline and diesel typically contain over 2000 grams of carbon in a gallon of fuel, and after combustion, is emitted as CO2 from the car exhaust, CO2 being a major component of Greenhouse gasses.

When climbing hills, accelerating or overtaking it uses the electric motor as well as the engine. This reduces the load on the engine (a conventional car would produce more CO2 under these conditions) thus reducing the CO2 emissions.
New Nissan hybrid car has its revolutionary feature of zero gas emission….

3. Fuel efficiency:

As hybrid cars rely on battery more than fuel, it reduces usage of fossil fuels. This leads to a higher MPG, saving energy and producing/releasing less polluting exhaust emissions into the atmosphere.

Thus leads to a green world which restores the beauty of the planet.

Take a pledge now that u drive hybrid cars itself to give much more friendly planet to our later generation….

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Car lovers go mad looking at the stunning design of Honda civic hybrid…

Courtesy by: Willie Scott in bright hub…