Hey guyssssssssss….new version of android is online…
Then what is its importance?what’s special? Jus have a quick gothrough it…..


Of the new capabilities featured in Android 2.3, otherwise known as Gingerbread, arguably the most eye-catching is support for NFC – near field communication .

NFC is an ultra-quick form of wireless communication, typically used to exchange information between devices. Unlike Bluetooth, however, it doesn’t require the two devices to be ‘paired’, and hence allows a much more spontaneous user experience. A good illustration of NFC in action is the Oyster contact point system on the London Underground.

Among the other highlights of Android 2.3 are:

  • UI refinements
  • Improved text input
  • One-touch copy and paste
  • Improved app/power management
  • Internet calling
  • Multiple camera support

Watch this Video……